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Period pain on injections?

Had emergency lap at end of November to remove large haemorrhagic cyst. Was diagnosed with endo in 08 after lap for fibroid removal. Asked if I had any symptoms or pain and I said no and was told not to worry! Was given no other info, doc never mentioned it, no follow ups and got on with life. I still don't get many symptoms other than sometimes horrific pains during periods, other times just very painful. I did for a while have pain during bowel movements but that went away too. I walls awaiting excision surgery as was concerned about fertility etc now I'm with someone and our lives are moving on and not much happening on baby front. During lap to remove cyst, he was going to do my dye test and excise endo. They found left side pelvis frozen, bowel stuck to left ovary, left hydrasalpinx, so he didn't test that. Right tube patent but chocolate cyst on right ovary and he thinks I could lose my right ovary. Cyst on liver. remove any endo in the end, I don't think! As the cyst removal took a long time. I had my second zoladex injection on Christmas eve. On this for three months to try and calm everything down, with follow up in Feb, mri and further surgery to excise with full bowel prep. After my second injection had some sharp stomach pains but gone by Christmas. My bowels are back to normal and have been for a while. My stomach and abdomen however still feel very extended to me. I have a wobbly belly anyway, but this all just feels pushed out. My period was due in a day or two, would this be adding to the pressure? Can't do my work trousers up at all, and haven't been able to since op. I weighed eight pounds less too! Just a bit worried my stomach is all messed up as it just doesn't feel right anymore. For weeks, I've just felt really bloated and been very gassy, almost as bad as my boyfriend!! And that's not like me at all. Just want my normal fat belly back! Feels quite weird tonight. Is anyone else's stomach not right since your lap? Went back to work Monday, was hard at first but the walking and commuting getting easier. Been nice while trains are quiet. Hope not all have a happy new year. Think I'll be staying under my blanket as I'm full of cold!


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