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Pregnant after lap

So I had my lap done in sept told no endo carried on with severe pains and back pain was sent for Physio didn't help. Became pregnant end of October. Back pain totally gone and pains in belly. Had a massive bleed at 8 weeka pregnant scan showed baby fine but large endo bleed. So pls lady's when I are told nothing is wrong and u still have pain ur not mad!!!!!! No one listen to me I was told get on with it so now refered back to consultant. :)

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! How did they determine the bleed was endometriosis? As far as I'm aware that blood doesn't come out, it's not in your womb to come out. I'm on a pregnancy forum too and there are lots of causes for bleeds that are totally fine. They say your pain should subside in pregnancy after 3 months when your body realises it isn't making periods anymore but I found the stretching to be agony. There isn't any endo treatment you can have while pregnant, it's considered a treatment. Please be careful not to take any pain meds dangerous for baby :) best of luck x


Yep, my first lap was supposedly clear. After I was diagnosed I was referred to a specialist who did two surgeries - he gave me a video and my endo is very hard to see as it's all clear or yellow. I swore I would never have another lap done by anyone else but after moving a couple of times I got desperate and my local hospital did it - I had the worst recovery ever, gas pain so bad I couldn't lie down for five days etc etc - and they told me they found hardly any endo. I got zero relief. I'm now back at the specialist and hope to have another lap next year.


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