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1st hospital app today in 4 years advice please I don't want to be fobbed off

Hi everyone. Got my 1st hospital appointment today in 4 years. After reading a lot of your posts things have changed so much, there are drugs and things that I have never heard of. I have had 2 laps in the past 1st 7 years ago and the 2nd 9 months later. After lap no 2 I was meant to start some in injection treatment (Sorry can't remember what it was called ) but I fell pregnant. After having another child I had to go back to see consultant and he straight way said Lap again!!! But by the time appointment came things had settled down enough to cope with. So I turned it down. Since then I have a another baby but my endo is now back!!!!

I am worried that he will straight away say lap and then drugs that might cause menopausal symptoms. Is there any thing else that we could do 1 st?? I don't really want surgery unless really necessary.

Thank you x

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Unfortunately the only way they can really see what is going on and determine the stage of any endo is to do a lap. They may not immediately recommend having medication like zoladex to bring on the menopause, I was asked to go on it but that was only because the couldn't fit a coil and I knew I would need a hysterectomy a few months later. I know that the coil is often the first thing they try and was planning on having one myself initially. I can understand why you wouldn't want the surgery if you can avoid it but having seen what endo can do in such a short time (January I could have children, August I couldn't, two weeks ago total hysterectomy and oopherectomy - 2014 can just go!) I wouldn't hang around! Good luck with your appointment and just remember if you aren't happy you can always seek a second opinion - the hospitals on this page have endometriosis specialists and having been to one of them it really was the best place to be treated bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi... x


Thank you for your reply, I'm sorry to hear about what you have been going through. Can I ask what oopherectomy is ? Will having a hysterectomy get rid of your endo complety ?

I think I know I will have to have a lap. I just want to go today knowing abit more. Thank you so much x


Sorry. Does it matter if I live no where near any of those hospitals ? Can I use the patients choice ? X


Hi really not sure about the nhs, I live in the Channel Islands and was referred to the uk for treatment as one of my ovaries was attached to my bowel and they didn't want to operate over here! Oopherectomy is the removal of the ovaries, you can have a hysterectomy without this and the doctors prefer it if they can do it like this as it means you are less likely to need hrt afterwards as your body will continue making its own oestrogen.

For me, had severe endometriosis and by August my left ovary was attached to my bowel, uterus and right ovary and they found during the lap that the cyst on my left was 5cm and the one on my right was 12-14cm and almost attached to the fat in my stomach. I didn't really have much choice but the hysterectomy won't always rid you of endo, it can spread so it may be on the bowel, bladder etc but the removal of the ovaries stops the oestrogen creation which feeds the endometriosis. Having hrt will put the oestrogen, albeit synthetic, back into the body which is where problems could arise but as I'm 33 they are keen to put me on it but said they want me to wait three months before I take it. This is so that if they have missed any of the endo it will die off before I start taking hrt.

Good luck with your appointment and I hope that made sense - if not just let me know! x


You have a shitty year then. So sorry to hear what you have been through and what you are going through. I hope that 2015 is better.

Consultant is going to do lap in February also going repeat smear and a colposcopy at the same time. Feel slightly worried.

Happy new year xx


Cms1305 an Oophorectomy is removal of the ovaries. Personally if gynae offers you lap then I would go with it as it will stage your current level off endo and allow it where possible to be removed before taking some form of hormonal therapy to try and keep it in check.


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