Please help I don't know where to turn

For the last 2 years I have been having pain on and off. I went to the dr and hospital more then 5 years but still nothing just go home and deal with the pain. My husband saw an advert about Endometriosos. I had a cyst 2 years ago and since then the pain is bad. Could you please tell me some signs what you experience if you don't mind. I have got a dr appointment next week and I am going to try and get him to referral me. Many thanks

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  • Am so sorry you are going through this :( Defo get a referral!! for me the symptoms were: extremely painful periods (not heavy), intense swelling around ovulation and menstruation, and the dreaded tiredness! But that is just me.... many women experience different symptoms and it's not relative to how serious your endo may be.

    For me, the scan confirmed that my uterus is absolutely normal, but my ovaries are covered in cysts (filled with blood) which my consultant said was endo which is causing my pain etc. It was such a relief to get diagnosed and stop the constant guilt i felt when i was tired or in pain. The plan now is the laparoscopy.

    Let us all know how you get on!

    K x

  • Thank you. I get very very bad pain in my pelvic area and some days I'm bending over in pain. During my period I get blood clots and my belly always get bloated. I have had so many scans, camera but nothing. I feel really tired today that I have no energy and I just slept over 2 hours but still feel tired. i have to try and get the dr to referral me. i will let you know how I get on thank you

  • honestly my heart goes to you <3 defo seek help. It's frustrating when the scans show nothing but it does NOT mean you don't have endo and aren't suffering. endo is so sneaky like that. yes defo insist on one.

    I ended up going private unfortunately as I felt so ignored by my GP.

    Yes please do.

    K x

    ps gluten free and dandelion helped me massively.

  • It's taken me 5 years of going back and fourth to the gp before I finally got referred after begging the last go to do something. One doctor basically made me feel like I was over exaggerating and it was all in my head. Told me to just get on with it and that everyone has periods. I suffer one a month eith severe pain, there is no pre-warning and its cramping in my pelvis and back, I get a feeling of pressure into my bottom and down my legs. Everytime I move it hurts...

    Keep on at your doctor, I would hate for someone else to be made to suffer for 5 horrible years and made to feel worthless. Fingers crossed for you x

  • That is a very long time. I work at Addenbrookes hospital is all to do with money. I have a really lovely dr he is very understanding. What I might do is print out the information and show him it.

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