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Reoccurring symptoms at 24: forever?

Hi all,

Not sure what to achieve by joining. But at the very least I need to do something to take my mind off this pain right now!

I was looking for some advice, if possible. I'm a 24 year old and had a laproscopy in 2011 to remove some endometriosis and cysts. I was fitted with the mirena but it turns out hormones send me insane so I had that removed a year ago (end 2013). Since then my pain has been getting worse and worse and I've been trying to ignore it but it's getting to the point whe I can't move for hours (although before the last op, it was days). One of my main concerns at this age is infertility.

Has anyone got any advice for dealing with reoccurring symptoms and can anyone ease my panic about fertility? - doctors advised I fall pregnant now, but as a single career-focused young woman, it's not even been something I've began to consider! I'm scared and in pain. Do I have a lifetime of this ahead of me now? My operation was only 3 years ago, it can't surely be back?!

Thanks for listening.

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Hi seems similar to what I went through. Unfortunately there is no cure for endo, and itis quite possible that it has returned. My lapsdiddidn't last either. I would go to your doctor and request a refferal to the gynecologist. Other than that its all about pain management from here on and quite possibly for the rest of your life. Thats not to say you are infertile though, you just may need a helping hand. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but its best to be honest.


I'm on too reading for support :) just starting the count down of symptoms till mother nature chaps at the door. Again i too turn form the placid Mrs jekyll to a raving loony when hormone replacement was being tried and had fears of infertility at your age, i'm 42 now and have had children so there is hope :) the only 'treatment' that seems to be working, for a lot of us, is concentrating on diet. One of the exacerbators for me is dairy and i LOVE cream cakes. Might be an idea to revise? As marl81 has said there is no cure but management of pain, i started too look into diet when the next step was going to be morphine injections as everything else had failed to make this hideous condition better. I'm getting such great results on diet management, i still have bad months but nothing even remotely like the 'Morphine' days. It takes time and your doing the correct action by talking. I really wish you all the hope at this bleak time, stay strong and your not alone :) x


Thank you both so much for your replies. No one had ever mentioned diet to me before so I'll definitely look into that.

Re fertility: It was mentioned that if I need help I can get it, but again they said sooner rather than later. That's definitely what I need when dating - added pressure! Ha. But it's reassuring that you have children, Judy.



Im so sorry you are going through the pain of endo. I am 49 and was diagnosed at 18. Mine was burned off once a year for 5 years and finally I had enough and had a hysterectomy. Ovaries and uterus gone, I didnt want to take any chances. I had to get real with how to live my life. Did I want kids so bad I would ruin my life til it was time to try to have them? I decided no. I figured if I wanted kids that bad I could adopt or use an alternative method. Freezing eggs for surrogacy etc. Nobody ever talked about that part. There are alternatives. There is no cure for endo, so you have to decide what is important for you. Not an easy decision at all but one you should consider.


Hi there, I was in the same situation last year and had to go private. The new consultant did a second op an just over a year an 6 months the diease had grown back plus more and more problems. I would consider speaking to your gp or consultant again as it may have returned again. I had my second op last January an ever since I'm having server pain in my right ovary. It's a cronic diease which there is not permanent fix I was told :( whish you all the best an hope you can get the pain managed for the the festive season ahead! X


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