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Reoccurring tonsillitis


I’ve has tonsillitis now since mid Feb, had 10 days erythromycin but still didn’t feel well at the end and some small spots remained. Gp said prob viral so spent next two weeks gargling at every opportunity and clearing spots until I had agonising ear pain and huge spots - clarithromycin for 7 days, started to feel better day 3, but two days after I finished it was back with a vengeance!

Throat swab clear and blood test for glandular fever also clear, back to gp who has now prescribed 10 days clarithromycin but three days in no better and completely wiped out, last week all I have done is sleep am meant to be back at work tomorrow after a week poorly.

Anyone else have this problem? I’m assuming prob relating to endo and poor immunity. Am also finding that sauna makes it worse (thought was meant to help).

Any suggestions gratefully received!

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Hi i had the same problem mine started new yrs eve and i only finally got rid of it 3weeks ago i was the same all i wanted to do was sleep everytime i thought i was getting better it would return a few days later


Oh god I hope I don’t have it that long! What cleared it in the end? I managed to get a work from home day today as can’t keep taking time off at end antibiotics when it comes back.

Hope yours doesn’t come back, can I just say oraldene is now being produced again and any sign of a sore throat I used to gargle it religiously I think it prevented lots tonsillitis but not been able to get it, but found last week it’s available again!!


I didn't have this now - but had recurrent tonsillitis when younger and they removed my tonsils. Don't know if that's a thing anymore though.


I dont know what cleared it in the end think it was just time as the drs wouldnt give me anything as they said it was just viral i found antiseptic mouth wash gargled helped the dr seemed to think i had one virus on top of another


I’ve been doing that but some of the infection is beyond my tonsils so can’t gargle for that


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