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I've been suffering with pain for 10 years pain in sex bad stomach pain and back pain pain in my legs and when bleeding very heavy had a lap done in January this year found loads of adhesion and they remove them now the pain came back after two months now they wanna do another lap can they miss endo when I have a lap this time there making the endo surgeon do the op but I so tired with this pain I really am

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Hi, I'm in a slightly similar position to you. It is likely that the pain is adhesions reforming but I don't think they can tell except by doing another lap. However the more surgery we have the more scar tissue and adhesions will form. It's a catch 22 situation. Having read about it they can use something while doing surgery to reduce the likely good of adhesions.

It is also very difficult to get rid of all the endo. There can be very small spots of it.

I think you need to get some good advice from an expert. This is what I am going to try and do in the next few weeks. Hope things improve for you.

What painkillers do you have?


Hi thanks you I use codine for the pain yeah I got a different surgeon this time so I hope they sort me out feel so tired all the time and feel I'm getting no where the pain can get so bad all I wanna do in stay in bed . Thanks again I hope you get sorted out aswell x


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