Rectal pain

Sorry ladies not a particularly nice subject but wondering if anyone else gets horrible rectal pain when on your period? I get mine on and off for a few days each time. It feels just like someone has shoved a knife up my bum, it takes my breath away and often makes me feel nauseated. I was just wondering if anyone else has this symptom with their endo and how they manage it at work? I can be in a meeting and it comes on suddenly, its obvious something is wrong with me so I have to say its pain I my back. Can't really announce the real problem!

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  • Hi, I used to get this too, felt like a hot poker being shoved up my bum! And no you can't really hide it, I always looked like I was having some kind of spasm! I'm now on the depo contraceptive injection after being prescribed the pill to treat symptoms and not getting on with it and it has stopped my periods completely and also the bum pain!

    Hope this helps x

  • Thank you nice to know its not just me. I am currently doing the pill back to back for 3 months then a break, but going back to hospital in January to see what next steps are x

  • Endo gives so many strange symptoms you would never even associate half of them with the condition, when I first spoke to my consultant it was like a light had been turned on! But you definitely aren't alone! X

  • Can totally sympathise with you! And like previous posts nice to be talking to people who get it! Yes the pain in the bum was for me the worst symptom oh no wait they all are :/ I didn't find anything that I could do to relieve it other than the drug they gave me leading up to my op stopped my periods and my god it was heaven as ALL the endo symptoms stopped too - I do wonder though like others if you could go on a contraception med it would help? My nurse use to feel for me as she knew it was the only thing that would relieve my pain but I couldn't go on it as we were desperately trying for a baby and after 4 years of trying it was the only reason they found I had stage 2 endo was because I was referred to infertility clinic... My endo was severe it had pulled my bowel out of position maybe thats why the pain was so bad in the bottom? Who knows but it also managed to fold my womb over and my ovaries were wrapped around and stuck to my womb.... no wonder I struggled to get pregnant! Sorry seem to be on a rant here but endo is a nasty evil thing - I had my first op last year (nov) consultant told me the likely hood of returning was less than 5% but I'm not so sure seeing so many woman having it re-occur! I'm keeping it all crossed! Life has been amazing since the op though periods are funny either completely light or a little clotty and heavier Hmmmm worry or not?

  • Hey hun I get that pain on a daily basis it started off only when my period came. I have been diagnosed with more problems since then that could be causing like Ibs,

  • I get this as well it's awful and exactly like you all described like a poker up the bum. So hard to try and hide the pain when your body jumps through the roof tensing lol you always get someone going "oh u ok!?" And you just have to be like "yes [high pitch voice] (smile smile)" then they reciprocate with a "oh aw right (puzzled look)" haha got to laugh about it or you'll cry xxx

  • Yes...sadly I've got it right now!! Going through the 'flare' stage of Prostap at the moment so it's even worse than normal. When I first got it years ago I thought I was going mad though!!

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