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Hello all


I am 23 year old and have suffered with endo for many years- unknowingly that it was endo.

I have had a laparoscomy and one where they opened me up fully to take some form my ovary and also to remove a large cyst in my abdomen. I still bleed alot, and although they say the endo is miniscule now, the pain i suffer weekly is severe.

I have been on some extremely strong painkillers and other medicines and been on zoladex which didnt help, and now on the pill- which again isn't helping. Due to where I am staying ( in europe) they wont doa hysterectomy on me. I bleed for 20+ days at a time and it is heavy. The removal of everything will bring me so much happiness and ahh it will be perfect. Never have I wanted my own children- sex is to painful so i dont even enjoy it, and I have always been open for adoption.

Can anyone suggest anything I can do/ where I can go that may perform this operation?

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Hi I'm not sure where you are in Europe but if the consultant you are seeing won't perform it you may be able to ask for someone else. Unfortunately because of your age they are going to be less likely to agree to it - my mum had a fight on her hands a long time ago to have one at 36 after three children however they were all in agreement about mine this month (I'm 33). You will likely need hrt afterwards and you may still get pain etc if the endo isn't fully removed during the surgery. Good luck x


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