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first Lap for endo

Hi there ,

So after a lot of arguing with my GP and a move later I finally got a scan to prove my pain wasn't "normal" and it was found my left overy is adhered to the posterior wall of my uterus and possibly to my bowel too. they suspect endo, and i just got ym surgery date through today for the 18th december. I cannot stop crying I am so so scared. Last time I had a lap ( for appendix) it ended up been an awful experience. Do any fo you have any tips for a faster recovery and getting myself over this ridiculous fear xxx

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I too after endless trips to the docs finally discovered I had endo After having a lap. I only have two very small scars and had more or less fully recovered in two weeks. Try not to panic (easier said than done) just make sure you get plenty of rest afterwards. Obviously you will be i some pain and discomfort afterwards but it isn't that bad!! I have read somewhere that protein shakes help you heal quicker so maybe worth a try? Hope it all goes well and wishing a speedy recovery :) x


I know for my first laparoscopy a lot of my endo was situated around my bowel and although that area is sensitive to operate/treat, it all went really well.

I have had two laparoscopies now, both times taking two weeks off but was up an about after week one! I only have tiny scars (most of them in my belly button) - and if you are worried about scars, Vitamin E oil is very good to help heal the skin (its the active ingredient in bio-oil etc).

The only bad thing for me is that anaesthetic makes me feel sick when I wake up, even with anti-sickness medication. But after a sleep and cup of tea post op, I'm back to normal (well, a slightly more docile normal).

You really must not worry about it too much, its natural to be apprehensive about ANY operation but you aren't alone and its nothing to be scared about.


I was terrified for my lap, I cried my eyes out too - but it was over so quickly and I recovered very quickly too. It was one of those times when I wondered afterwards why I'd been so afraid. As hard as it is, try not to think about the bad experience you had previously, I'm sure it was a one-off and I'm sure this will be much more relaxed than the one for your appendix removal, which I'm guessing would probably be quite a panicky and frightening situation to be in.

Afterwards, when I got home, I just conked straight out from the painkillers they gave me. They're really good at talking you through and explaining everything to you. Talk some more to your doctor if you're really worried, I'm sure they'll be able to settle your mind.

Also, I was pre-warned on a different endo forum that afterwards I might feel uncomfortable from the gas (which is used to bloat out your stomach, to make it safer and easier) rising and trying to escape, so to drink peppermint tea to ease this. I bought some beforehand, so when I started to feel dull pains in my shoulder area from the gas, I tried it and it worked brilliantly for me! The pain wasn't bad, it was more of a discomfort than anything, but still good to have something handy to get rid of it.

Try to see the lap as a positive thing that's going to really benefit you and ease your pain, and try to think of how much you'll be relieved when it's been done.

Hoping you're settled soon and wishing you lots of luck!! xx

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