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First period after laparoscopy

hi, I'm looking for advice. I had my first laparoscopy on 28/10/14, they found moderate endometriosis around both ovaries and tubes, and adhesions were found to cover most of the pelvic cavity. It was all removed with helica laser and I had the mirena coil put in during the op. I've had an infection in the pelvic cavity and in one of the incisions 3 days post op. I've had some spotting, but today have been bleeding like a period. I'm only a week away from being due, so figure this is a period and not just the coil. The pain on one side is just horrendous!! Mefenamic acid just isn't touching it. I'm scared the endo is back or hasn't gone at all, or is this usual for the first period after the op? Any advice would be so greatly appreciated!

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first period I had after my op lap was quite short, clotty, and not too painful. Just finished my second one and was super heavy 7days, had to take 2 days off work more because I felt like my blood pressure was really low than the pain, which was worse than a normal period but not as bad as the pain I was in before my op.

sorry no idea if either of our experiences are 'normal'.

I did find that in the back of my mind the pain, which I now know was just period related, scared me into thinking it was endo rearing its ugly head again.


Hi, I've always been led to believe that the first period after lap is usually more painful, generally due to the fact your insides are still healing. Mine have always been worse! Hope that helps!

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Thank you x


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