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1st laparoscopy tomorrow

I was seen at infertility clinic in September 1st appointment & was then told I had cysts on ovaries & endometriosis after scans & mri.

I was asked if I had any symptoms but I didn't know what endometriosis was & thought that the pain I have in my hips, lower back was work related (nurse)

after reading lots of posts on this very helpful & informative forum I wonder if this pain could be to do with endometriosis?

I have my first laparoscopy tomorrow so a bit nervous but also glad to hopefully get to why I've been unable to have a baby.

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The pain in your hips is most likely endo. I get terrible hip pain and sometimes have to use a walking stick. Good luck with your lap. I had mine back in March, make sure you have a few painkillers at home and relax for a few days after


Thank you, I should maybe speak to my consultant about it as she thinks I have no symptoms.


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