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Period a week early?

I've come on my period a week early and it seems to be only dark red clots ( so for this bit off info .., they sink to bottom of the toilet and stayw hole) when I go for a wee no other bleeding , I usually am a bit heavier than I am now, I have slight cramping but it's actually easier to deal with and no spasms, I wish it was like this all the time but I'm Concerned to why I've come on my period early ;/ xxx

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this has happened to me in the past. The dark clots are most likely stale blood. I wouldn't worry too much at this stage but if it continues to be irregular consecutively, maybe speak to your gp. A one off can happen. If however there are other symptoms which are not normal to you which continues again I would double check with your gp.



Thanks for replying Hun I've got up this morning to usual pains and heavier bleeding and still big clots :( I was just worried coz it was early and normally I have a 28 day cycle and this was only 23, X


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