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Missed period?!?

Hi all! Hope all you ladies are doing ok. I'm new to this forum and just wandering if anyone has experienced missed periods with endo? I was meant to have a period 2 weeks ago, instead all I got was brown discharge although I did have cramping like my period was coming! I'm def not pregnant as took a test to make sure! I went to the doctors but they just brushed it off and basically didn't want to know! Im just concerned as I have never missed a period and I haven't been feeling right in myself these last 2 weeks...constantly tired, dizzy, and a constant migraine I cant get rid of! Just wanted to know if this sounds like endo or if it could it be something else?

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Hi, exactly the same thing happened to me in January, at the time I had just been off the pill a couple of months and the doctor just said that it was normal for periods to take a while to regulate after the pill, I did not know I had endo them. Not sure if this related at all to endo but just wanted to let you know.


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