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Spotting taking Gnrh synarel

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has experienced bleeding / spotting of dark mucky looking blood whilst taking Gnrh Synarel (naferelin) nasal spray ? I have

been using this since September and havent had a period but yesterday I had pains across belly button area and today I have a very swollen stomach and spotting dark blood . Also I haven't missed a dose of Synarel. Don't know if this should be happening I look 6months pregnant .

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Dear cautious,

I'm sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time.

In answer to your post, I would suggest going back to your GP and/or endometriosis specialist.

I am sending you some links to information that might be useful and also to record your symptoms ahead of any upcoming medical appointment/s:-

Pain & Symptoms Diary


Consultation questionnaire


This mentions the medicine you note in your post and other possibilities:

Endometriosis Treatment


I wish you well.

Take care,



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