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Firstly the photo is of my WESTIE Alfie & posted to hopefully make you smile abit more than you did yesterday!


Have you been on it?

What do you think?

Side effects?

Any other long term meds you know of that can stop the horrendous bleeding?

Having been diagnosed with stage 3 endo on bowel, ligaments & one ovary gone, pouch of Douglas in 2009 after years of suffering, one healthy baby boy & two miscarriages.

I have tried cool, implant, injections, mini pill; gave me migraines and never ever stopped the bleeding! Ever I was forever flooding, cursing myself for this pain & grittiness that the blood makes you feel


Anyway, I've been on cerezette for a yr back to back & double dose.

Finally the blood has stopped!!!!!!!! Several minimal breakthrough bleeds but in general so so somuch better!

Anyways side effects including spots, heart problems, headaches.

But I'm terrified that if I stop and change the drug then I will have. A massive bleed!

Advice wanted please?

What tablets do you have?

Pain wise is hair about the Sam two be honest! Still take cocodomol strong ones as well as ibuprofen. But try not to take them everyday!

That's the pain is the same to be honest! (Predictive text!)

Hope your having a brill day, stay well my lovely ladies!! Xxxxx

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Pic did make me smile - thanks :)

Just started cerazette on Sunday, no side affects yet obviously but nervous about what's to come. Really hoping it will help with my pain but I guess we'll see.

Bella xx


I hav stage 4 endo . So my inside are a mess & pain & bleeding, sickness .. Well you know what its like.

Anyway they put me on Cerazett last december to help with pain & bleeding. In that time i havnt stoppped bleeding to the extent in july i had a full on heamerage ( sorry cant spell ) ive had constant palpatations , pain, put in 1.5 stones too ! They put me in Northiserone in july to stop the bleed which it did but it makes me feel so ill and hot flushs, no energy , grumpy.

U can only be on the norithiserone for 6 mnths max so just had the mirena coil fitted last wk & it seems to be working already !!!

Bloating has gone down, no hot flushs , no bleeding !

Sorry to rant on !

Hope u get sorted !


Ahh your picture made me smile too ………thank you

I have taken cerezette twice in the past and never got on with it. It made my skin very greasy and made my migraines worse and did nothing for the pain either.

I have just finished my second strip of a new combined pill called Zoely. It is the first pill that hasn’t made my pain worse and it has 24 active pills so if you decide to have a break it’s only for 4 days so it’s supposed to shorten your bleed. Last month I only bled for about 12 hours which was very odd but this month is different and I think it’s making up for last month so that may have been a one off.



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