How long do I stick with cerezette??

I have been put on cerezette to see if it helps my endo and adeno, it's only day 8 but I have had an awful week, constant pain, very bloated, put on 5lbs! My breasts are also swollen and have awful headaches and nausea. I feel horrendous and really want to come off, but I know these things sometimes need time to settle in, did anyone else have this and then improve? Or if it starts like this will it just continue?

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  • Hi iwp25

    I was also put on cerezette back in 2015 when first diagnosed with Endo I had awful painful periods before I started this pill it did however take a while to settle down a lot of break through bleeding , painful breasts, cramping but it all did settle down for me and my periods stopped altogether. I then went on the Gonapeptyl injections in August this year before surgery and I've just started the mini pill again they gave me zelleta this time apparently the cheaper version of cerezette I have been feeling abit emotional and beginning to get the breast pain again but not sure it's the Gonapeptyl wearing off also so I'm going to give it some time and see. I think with these hormones it's just finding what suits us the best and helps the pain. I've just started taking evening primrose and starflower oil I'm going to see if it helps with these symptoms.

  • Thanks for your reply, also just started evening primrose. Was feeling pretty good after a change to endo diet and a couple of supplements, but then started this and feel awful. I have only been given four months to try, then he said we would go for surgery if these didn't help, but not sure if I can stick it out for four weeks let alone four months!!

  • Were you on anything else prior to starting cerazette? It does take a while for your body to get used to it.

  • No, haven't been on the pill for about four years, was on the combined pill for most of my teenage/adult life and took a while of trying different ones to get the one that was right for me. X

  • I've been on it for about 8 months and it took a while for me to feel that my body had levelled out. That initial weight gain is brutal but mine stopped at about 5 pounds. However as your periods become less and less, the water retention stops too and it's great not having that.

    Every person is different and only you can decide how much you can handle.

  • Very true, really appreciate your help, glad it's settled down for you x

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