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A bit confused and started cerazette.

Hi everyone,

So as some of you know I had my first gynaecology appointment at the hospital on Tuesday. The consultant I was meant to see was off sick but as a result I saw a female doctor which to be honest I was happier with as I found it far easier to talk to her about certain things than I would have a man. Anyway, after a questionnaire, a chat, an internal exam, and feeling my abdomen she said she is pretty confident it is indeed endometriosis. However, she said at this point unless I specifically want it she feels that the risks of a lap outweigh the benefits, and instead she wants to treat me as if I have it without the lap as confirmation for now and will reasses whether it's time to schedule one at my next appointment in 6 months time. She has taken me off the combined pill that I was on (Gedarel) and has put me on cerazette instead which she said she hopes will help. Her first choice was the contraceptive injection but as I am rather pathetic around needles she said we can try the mini pill first and if it doesn't significantly help then the injection is the next step. Has anyone else been "diagnosed" without confirmation via a lap? I didn't think it was possible...?

Thanks, Bella xx

UPDATE: I've now been on cerazette since Sunday and my pain is BAD. Also started bleeding heavily since yesterday and had a headache constantly for the past 3 days. I know bleeding is normal when changing to a new type of pill, but the pain is worse than I've had for a while. Also has anyone else had headaches as a side affect within the first few days of taking cerazette?

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