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Hi.. its benefits a while since I have been on... sorry.

Almost feel guilty... not helping out and chatting but now need some advice and am back.

Been back at work after my lap and it's been tiring. Luckily I have been mostly office bound which had been easier to cope with than bring out with patients. Endo was removed from both uterosacral ligaments and it really has made a difference. The constant back is gone and I can do more thongs than I used to, I see my consultant in 2 weeks time to discuss further surgery as I have adenomyosis too and my uterus has increased in size since last year.

I know after a lap your periods can be messed up and all over the show... mine is late... and while I ordinarily would not mind u have had all the sickness, mood swings, cramps etc to the build up... and no show... worst is... The migraines! I usually have one or 2 before my periods... I have them on and off for 3 weeks now. Most are so dibilitatiing and painfull and make me feel so ill. Some have just been there with no pain... vision disturbances and sicky feeling... I can probably count on 1 hand the amount of headaches free days in have had in the last 3 weeks...

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any suggestions as what helps. .. I thought it might be the office work and pc.. but I have them even when I'm not at work... I wish this was all over now!!!

Finally have less pain in my abdo to now be struck down with constant migraines!!! It's ridiculous.... and I'm not touching alcohol and don't think it's food related! Think it's my empending periods waiting to hit me!

Feeling sorry for myself

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Sorry.. did not spell check... and with a migraine I have made some rather awesome mistakes lol


If you suffer with a lot of migraines you can be put on a prophylactic medication which you take every day that actually prevents the majority of migraines from occurring in the first place. It might be worth speaking to your doctor about this. Without my medication I would get 2-3 migraines a week.



Thanks for the reply.... I woke with a migraine still this morning so went to the gp... He mentioned prophylaxis Meds but said he did not think that was needed yet. Was going to try another med that is good for migraines but might interact with my citalopram so he put me on 900mg Asprin, paracetamol, metaclopamide and a can of coke at the start of the migraine and repeat in 6 hours if needed!

If this does not work we will try the other option....

I'm hoping once I have the hysterectomy it will ease up! Argh


Hi! I too suffer with terrible migraines and constant headaches..I have not really found the answer yet, except trying not to take too many painkillers. It really annoys me when the gp tells me not to take pain relief (what do they expect us to do when we have horrible endo pain and we feel like our heads are being crushed, can't see and are vomiting) but for migraines have you try triptans..rizatriptan,sumatriptan...in wafer form? Theyare the only relief I have ever had..but you have to take them as soon as you feel a migraine start other wise they are useless! hope you are feeling better soon xxxx


Hi thanks for your reply... I have a back up prescription for sumatriptan if the asprin etc does not work... touch wood I have been ok today so far!

Time will tell I guess...


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