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Struggling with the wait

Hi, I never thought that I would actually write anything on here, but reading the post and the support that other people have on here has given me the strength too. I've been battling with bad periods since I started at 11 years old. In the last 3/4 years the pain had got worse and started to affect my legs and in the last 2 years pain in my hips has been bad. I have been given different pills and in June I had a severe bleed and the doctors finally thought I may have Endo.. I haven't been able to have a proper internal examination as it is too painful. My surgery has been delayed it was meant to be next week. I have been put on Norethisterone since June. I feel so frustrated I'm still a virgin at 25 which pains me to admit. I feel so ashamed of that and my body. I'm scared to get into a relationship with anyone. I was wondering if anyone else has suffered with severe pain in the hips and also does anyone get intense shooting pains in the abdomen? I'm really struggling with this continuous waiting.

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Hi I'm awaiting a lap too- nothing I say or do will make them bring it forward! They say it will be before Xmas!

I have all the achy hips and legs too- sometimes a shooting pain, mainly my pain as constant cramping- different edge to period pain, and it's like contracting all the time. When at it's worse I think it's like labour- I feel 7 cm dilated it's that bad. I think the hip and leg pain is common hun.

Have u had other tests done blood, smear etc


Hi, I get the shooting pains in my stomach - usually right hand side, probably where my ovary is. Also down inside of my right thigh, in my bottom and vagina, plus aching tummy - all these pains vary throughout my cycle, then I get period pain ranging from bad to excruciating. I think most of us endo ladies have some sort of pain like this - it all seems to depend on where the endo is. PLEASE don't feel ashamed of your body or your virginity - these things are out of your control, if you have endo, you have an illness and its not your fault! One day, with the right treatment, you may feel more in control of your body and hopefully when you meet the right, understanding person, things were take their course. I believe you have the right to ask for anaesthetic if you are in so much pain that you can't stand an internal exam. I've had some awful internals in the past and I wish I had known this then. Apparently, doctors don't advertise the fact as they get more funds for not giving patients anaesthetic. I hope you get your op and some answers and help soon.

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Please don't be ashamed! Your body is amazing... Try reading this: danceswithfat.wordpress.com...

There are virgins of all ages. When you've gotten diagnosis, treatment AND met the right person maybe you'll feel ready. I waited until my mid 20s - that was my conscious decision. I am so glad I waited as rather than viewing it as a 'thing' I had to get rid of (shameful/embarrassing), I viewed it as a precious and beautiful thing which I wanted to share with the right person. My friends who had lost their virginity early generally didn't have good 'losing it' experiences because they just wanted to get it over with, whereas mine good.

I have been waiting since December last year and my lap is now scheduled for 19th November. This year has been really difficult as I've been very incapacitated by whatever is wrong with my pelvis plus I have other disabilities. I get really bad daily pain in my right hip and just above it but not in my left, and my lower back constantly hurts. Plus all the usual cramping, stabbing, raw/scraped pains from above my belly button down to my underneath. My bladder and bowels are a nightmare for pain.

I hope you can get your lap rescheduled ASAP.



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