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Exhausted after lap

I had a laproscopy 4 weeks ago, which didn't find endo but was diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome.

3 days after laproscopy, as some of you know, I had an infection which affected the abdominal area. I was on mega strong anti biotics for a week.

It's been 11 days since I finished anti biotics but I'm exhausted still! I go for a little walk, about 20 mins then I sleep for 4 hours !

I'm still signed off work but can't get over how exhausted I am . Has anyone else experienced extreme exhaution? Or can offer advice?

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Goodness, yes, I had the same problem. What was supposed to be a week off work turned into the best part of four. I just had to go with it and stop pushing myself to do things, sadly. It took months before I felt anywhere near normal again.


Thanks for this. Problem is I'm still off work and not sure how long it takes to go back to work.

I work 45 hours on a very labour intensive job. And can't stay awake for 2 hours let alone9


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