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Bowel resection and Opherctomy

Hello ladies,

I have stage 4 endo and due to have a bowel resection,opherectomy (can't spell it) and organs unstuck plus what ever else they find on 31st October.

I'm dreading it,as really don't know what to expect following the surgery and how long recovery will take. I'm also worried about needing to have a stoma bag temporarily.

I have my pre assessment tomorrow at princess Anne hospital,Southampton but not sure what I should be asking.

Any advice,would be very much appreciated

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My pre op is also tomorrow but I'm having a hysterectomy, right ovary removed, excision and possible bowel surgery. My surgery date was the 28th October but it's now been changed to the 11th November.

It is a very scary prospect but we are in good hands. And let's hope we both become pain free.

The questions that I will be asking are;

How long will I be in hospital?

Will I have a pain pump and a catheter in place when I wake up from surgery?

What is the likely hood of complications and how will theses be addressed?

How much improvement can I expect after surgery?

Where will the insisions be and how many?

Can I take my prescribed medication on the day of my surgery?

When will I have an outpatient appointment?

How long will I be off work?

I hope this helps. I hope your pre op and surgery goes well.

Barbara x

I think it's really important if or you to ask about the likelyhood of you needing a stoma bag and when will the surgery be to have this reversed. X


Hi Barbara, thank you very much for your reply, it's certainly helped add to the list of questions I have.

I hope all goes well with your pre assessment and your op,let's hope it has the desired effect and we are both pain free,once we have recovered.

My op date was brought forward from the new year, either due to a cancellation or they have realised just how bad my endo is and how much it has spread in such a short time.

Take care and keep smiling!

Many thanks once again for replying



Hi there , I've just read your post and guess I'm too late to answer your questions regarding the pre assessment but I just want you to know that you'll be in good hands at the Princess Ann. I had my Hysterectomy there May last year and the team were attentive and caring. Good luck with your op and wish you a pain free future. Mr M my specialist is certain I should never suffer from Endo again. Touch wood, no symptoms 18 months on. Take care J xx


Hi jalo69,

Thank you for replying, you have certainly put my mind at rest about going into hospital at princess Anne. I must say at my pre assessment they were very through but couldn't answer many of my questions as it's still very much a case of seeing how bad things are when they get in there.

I'm glad u are still pain free and your op was a sucess xx


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