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How long between laparoscopies

Hi all.

Had a Laparoscopy in June 2013 and was confirmed endo after a year and a half of tests and referals. The last month I have been in terrible pain and have since been for an ultrasound which came back clear and am now waiting for my gyne appointment. Just wondered really what I should be asking the second time round and if he will do another lap for if it is too soon.

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Hi Ria29,

In my experience they never opt for surgery unless it is the final option. It's a very frustrating disease to have for that reason, they like you to try hormone suppression opposed to surgery. If you're like me, intolerant of chemicals and such this make life very difficult. The worst part of it is the side effects that go along with the drugs to treat it are often just as bad for me as the pain from endometriosis.

Did you have the endometriosis excised during your lap in 2013, do you have the post operative reports that tell which procedures where used, where the sites were found ect. and how extensive it was.

Most of us find that ultrasound doesn't show what they find at surgery. There could be adhesions causing you pain and this is also a drawback to doing more surgery to the specialists as often surgery causes adhesions and scarring.

Visiting specialist is intimidating and I find they're not there to listen. It may take a couple visits to get anywhere. You'll have to do a lot of research but this forum is very useful for asking about drugs you may know nothing about. Maybe you will not have any side effects and find that their suggestions are wise, we are all unique and how things affect one person differs from another.

I would in the meantime if your not already doing so, eliminate certain things from the foods and drinks you take in. I have found great relief already in just a couple of weeks from eliminating eggs, red meat, gluten, processed sugar, caffeine and dairy. (Though i still have a cup of decaf coffee with a splash of half and half cream every morning, my one vice I hope I can keep). But this has lowered the amount of pain I had significantly. I already because of IBS had eliminated anything with MSG and fizzy drinks, cetain trigger foods for me like deep fried food or salmon. I also have reduced any fat except for omega 3 types. Reducing the amount of estrogen by lowering the fat in our bodies is key. And so adding anything that has been hormonally raised like cows meat or cows milk is increasing our chances of making our endo more active.

Was the pain that returned the same or different than what you experienced prior to surgery last year?

Hopefully you get a good specialist that asks all the right questions and is genuinely there to help you deal with this dilemma.

Keep a calendar to show good days and bad or bad days and worse. That may help in determining a solution too.


They did remove all they found, it was everywhere, on my bowel, pouche of douglas, the back of my womb, but straight after my surgery I had a coil fitted. That took about 3 months to get used to, was very moody, cant believe my husband is still here, and then had a really good 6 months. however, last month I had a period, first in 6 months and it was so painful and coming from my rectum. very disturbed. Dr sent me for a colonoscopy to check nothing more serious and came bac with very mild colitis, which was told that wouldn't be the reason for my symptoms. I find it hard to eat much as it causing so mucg pain and bloating and because me pain killers co-dydramol make me constipated.

Feel like I am losing my mind a lot of the time


I had surgery at the end of march this year and they wanted to give me another lap in august. I chose not to, but now im having a pre-op next week.

So im guessing its 4 months min but it depends on your situation. Hope that helps!


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