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Confused.. Help!

I recently had my lap and got told I had Endo and they couldn't do anything really for me until I had my children, but that the longer I leave it the more complicated it may be for me to have kids, I am only 23 and didn't really get given a time limit as to when to have children by... Does anyone have any idea how long I could possibly wait?? Thank you!

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Hi lalala,

Did they explain why they couldn't do anything for you? I am not even sure of what that means... Were they able to remove the adhesions or not?

I am not a doctor, and have been diagnised recently but from what I have read this is my understanding:

1) they should be able to remove all (or at least the majority) of the adhesions found during the surgery

2) endo will come back after surgery (even with complete removal). There are different options that delay its recurrence but that's it. Did they explain you what are your options? E.g. birth control pills, IUS,others.

3) I was also told (I am 28) that I should try to get children asap. However, I made the decision recently to wait. I am in no position to try for a child right now. Besides that, it's unknown for them and us if we will be able to have children or not. I might try now unsuccessfully, or I might try the future successfully. Who knows? No one, not even them :-(...

Do you have your next appointment soon? Why don't you make a list of questions? I find it useful.

In addition, please make sure you feel comfortable with your doctor. If you don't like him/her it might be possible to change it. Some doctors might do the surgery but are not endo specialists...

Hope this helps a little bit.


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No they couldn't remove the adhesions for me, and they can only do a hysterectomy in the future. That's a good idea for making a list, I'm back there on Tuesday to ask questions. Thank you


Hi la la la, histerectomy and 23 years old? It sounds a little drastic, however I am not aware of your full story.

As MrsBray says, I would considerer a second opinion.




That's why they are telling me to have kids asap so then they can do a hysterectomy in a few years after I have had all the children I want


Hi lalala,

I had a similar experience to you..but I am almost a decade older than you!

Following my diagnosis (without any endo removed) I was told to have prostap injections for 6 months and then try for a baby straight after. My consultant said I had around 2 years left to conceive, but definitely no more than 4 years. And he discharged me after my lap.

To cut a long story short I went back to see a different GP at my doctors and said I wasn't happy with what the consultant and 1st GP had told me and I wanted to be referred to a specialist endo centre. And he referred me straight away.

It might be worth you doing the same for a second opinion.

Here are a list of specialist centres: bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi...

Hope you are ok xx


I will look into that, thank you very much xx


Hi lalala,

I wish someone had diagnosed me correctly at 23 which is when I originally went for investigation. If I had know I would have probably tried to have children earlier it would have certainly have focused my attention on that area of my life.

It is impossible to know what is best for someone else. For me wanting a child has come with finding someone that I wanted to marry and that for me has happened later in life. Not everyone feels like this. Do you desperately want children or are there things you feel are more important to you now? For example completing studies/training?

Lots of children are born in unplanned circumstances every year and the majority of parents make the best of it.

I would armed with the knowledge you have start to do the things you want to do so that you can make that choice about having children sooner rather than later.

Best wishes


Thankyou very much everyone for your advice and help x


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