IBS or endometriosis?! Help

Hello, so I was diagnosed with IBS last year and seemed to fit the bill with my symptoms but recently a friend mentioned endometriosis, she told me the symptoms and well I fit the bill on that too. I am really worried as I am never off my period, I am in pain all the time. I had the ultrasound not so long ago to see if I had cysts on my ovaries but that came back normal and I never was told about endometriosis I am worried that I has been left too long as I have been back and forth to the doctors for years. I am really worried that I will not be able to have children because that is all I have ever want to be. If any one has any advice please reply. Thank you.

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I have symptoms of IBS with my endometriosis as I have it on my bowel. I would go to your GP and request to be referred to a gynaecologists if you think may have endometriosis. X

Ok thank you x

I agree with AmyLeighxx, I have recently been diagnosed with stage 3 Endo and struggle with symptoms such as daily bloating and stomach aches. Ten years ago I was told I had IBS and looking back now I do wonder whether it was actually Endo because I had the same symptoms back then. If you are concerned ask to be referred. X

Oh I hope they manage to get it under control hun. I am definitely going to see my doctor. sometimes I get that bloated that I actually look pregnant which is rather concerning, I barely sleep cos I'm sore and bloated all the time so I can't get comfortable, is there anything I can take to try ease the pain? because everything they have given me for IBS hasn't done anything.

Leelaah x

If needs be just mither the doctor until they refer you. There's a reason it takes so long to get an Endo diagnosis. I was bloated and had stomach ache pretty much everyday, I've recently started the anti inflammatory Endo diet and I feel like a different person. I'd definitely suggest you research it. X

Oh I will definitely look into that now thank you x

I also suffer with ibs and endometriosis, I agree go and see your gp.

Thank you darbylaura1991 I definitely will x

Hi leelah

I was also diagnosed with ibs. I had the coil and it made the symptoms worse...bloating, wind, constipation etc. I asked to have it removed and it was actually the gyne that removed it that listened to me and told me that what I had could be endo as the symptoms for both cross over. I researched this and I did have many of the endo symptoms if not all. Google endo symptoms table. I went back to my gp but I asked to see a different one after suffering terrible sleepless night of lower back pain and dull aching all down my right side. She referred me to a gyne. Well since then it has been a slow process but I had a lap and I actually have endo which is acttached to my bowel and my ovaries also symptoms of Adenomyosis. So I would defo look into it a bit more.

Hope this helps...

Claire x

Thank you Claire. I have looked up the symptoms and I have nearly all too. I am definitely going to see my doctor next week because something needs to be done I am fed up of being in pain. Thing is I have been having problems with my periods for a few years and all I got told is "it's your pill it's normal" or "take northisterone to reset your periods" so I stopped my pill and tried northisterone more times than I can remember and nothing changed, not one person has ever mentioned endometriosis to me, which is bizarre considering its well known and alot of women suffer with it.

Leelaah x

Hi leelah,

Glad your going to docs. They diagnose ibs far to easily I reckon without properly looking into it. I was back and forth doctors for years with the symptoms. I never really had pains during my period but terrible pains during ovaluation. Keep me updated on what the docs say. Good luck.

Claire x

I will hun, fingers crossed they send me for tests because I'm fed up now. Thank you for your advice I really appreciate it x

I have endometriosis which also brings on IBS so it's worth getting yourself referred x

Thank you I will x

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