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Hi ladies going to have a bit of a rant I'm afraid. I was admitted to Stepping Hill on Wednesday for bilateral oophorectomy removal of tubes and cervix with probable bowel resection. I had to endure bowel prep and starve myself all day Wednesday, I had a bed booked on high dependency and so had psyched myself up for this. Yesterday morning the theatre nurse came for me to walk me to theatre and I explained that I felt faint so she had to take on the bed, which she wasn't happy about! I asked if I could speak to the colorectal surgeon as I have been having the worst time with my bowels and she said he hadn't arrived. When the Gynaecologist came to me he said that I could either cancel the op and rearrange for a different date or just go ahead with the gynae work so I said go ahead. Last night the doctor told me they removed thick scarring from my ovaries stickiing to my bowel which had caused it to kink in many places and now wouldn't need a resection, I'm glad but I'm also really worried now that I will be back at square 1 with constipation etc. when I asked them what happens now I just got told if I have future problems it won't be from endometriosis. I'm worried because iv had to take that much medication for my bowel to work ot just won't want to. Has anyone else experienced this any advice would be great xx

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That's terrible, so did he just not turn up,

Stepping hill, is a BSGE centre isn't it?

I don't think it's right in him saying, it can never be endo again, as far as I'm aware, even after overies are gone, it's still possible for endo grow, microscopic endo can be left behind and as it's still self feeding and estogen can still be produced by your body,

Fingers crossed you will be pain free, and therefore know it's all sorted,

I hope you have a good recovery,


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Hi thanks for the reply. I really don't think he did turn up because on the 28th I had my pre op and met with the stoma nurse and it seemed all in place, so I'm not too impressed. Stepping Hill is BSGE approved and like you said endometriosis can still grow and he told me it was really severe, they're also starting me on estrogen patches today. Finger crossed all will be ok xxxx


Estogen patches, what does that do? I thought it's the estogen that the endo feeds from,


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Oestrogen patches - it's just like taking the pill but in a patch form. Why are you on them? To regulate/stop/lighten periods?


Endo sufferer (but also nurse with endocrine (hormone) experience!)


Hi Viv, I'm on them because I had my ovaries, tubes and cervix removed on Thursday, I had a sub total hysterectomy back in march 14 so my consultant has put me on estradiol patches x


I know 😞 hence why I'm so confused x


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