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I have radiating hip pain, which is making me feel like an old woman, I'm getting knee pain in my right knee too. Is this endo?

I can't work out how it could possibly get there! I went for a walk with my family and we were out all day, so I knew to expect my hips to be painful, but my knee?? I have always had mild discomfort with it, but I'm having a very heavy period and, as its a similar kind of old lady ache, I wondered if its possible?

I have another question, but it's unrelated, so I'm going to post it separately. Hope you don't mind x

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i hear you with the radiating hip pain but im stumped with the knee ....


it could be endo in the pelvis or adhesions so its sticking and could be pulling or pushing on the sciatic nerve, which would then go down the leg and to the knee, i get it too xx


I get the hip pain too. It's usually the left hip and it goes down my leg and round my back and left buttock. It's horrible isn't it? It does seem to be better when I'm moving though, much more noticeable when I'm sitting or standing.

I do get pains in my knees but I enjoy running so I think in my case it's more likely to be from that.


Hi I suffer with the hip thigh pain, but since my lap I've had pains going down into leg, knee, ankle and even wrist the other night! The extra pains come and go and do seem to be easing its been like an electric pain so have put it down to the nerves being irratated. I've allways had aching knees on and off too and was always told its growing pains although now I'm 35 I don't believe it. I know cold weather or kneeling makes them worse and went shopping yesterday and sat here with aching old lady knees last night but ok now. I'm not sure if it helps as never linked it to anything just know I have doggy knees but had it since I was a teanager! I know they tested for arthritis at the time but was told all.fine. I'm hoping that these extra pains continue to ease as the leg pains are sometimes more painful than my tummy!! I hope they're easing now x


i get really bad pains in my hips and pelvis and legs ,back and was diagnosed with chronic pelvic pain syndrome....and endo of course..sounds pretty normal..i call my self an old lady becos thats how it feels.....xxxx


I hear you girls, I too get severe hip pain which radiates across my lower back and around the front of my pelvis abdomen and down into my groin and left leg even left arse cheek.... numbness, aching etc. It never goes away even with Codeine! xxx


I can sympathise with the hip pains it drives me nuts, my fiance calls me his sexy old lady lol ;-)

I have endo in pouch of douglas & they have just found an endometrioma on right ovary, got adhesions too could this be endo in the hips does anyone know? cos a friend of mine had it in her hips yrs ago.

I get the pains shooting down my leg too its like an electric shock, it scares the life out of my partner when I suddenly start screaming & holding my leg as he is used to it with my back & pelvic area but not in my legs lol bless him

The things we have to suffer with endo is horrible but its so nice to be able to talk to others who are going through exactly the same things

Love to you all xxx


Ohhhh god! I get those kind of shooting pains in my colon. It's so embarrassing trying to explain to people why you just yelped and grabbed hold of the nearest thing to grab hold of! I talked to my doctor today and she was very kindly trying her best to drum it into me that this is something I'm always going to live with. I desperately hope I haven't passed it on to my daughter.


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