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Contraception causing low libido

Hi all,

After suffering with really painful periods since I was 17 I was diagnosed less than 2 months ago with endometriosis (I am now 28). Taking contraception pills during all those years masked some of the endometriosis symptoms.

Before I was aware I all this story I stopped my pills 6 months ago as even though I tried different brands they have all caused the same effect: no libido at all. During this time a 10 cm ovarian cyst was detected and afterwards the endometriosis with my bowels stuck.

The surgeon has explained that I should try to have children asap and even though I love the idea, we (my husband and I) need a little bit of more time to be able to bring a child to this world.

It's my understanding that I should try to use contraception that will delay my periods, e.g. coil, pills for 3 months no break, etc. But all of these are based in the same hormones and to be quite honest I have wasted like 7 years of my life looking for the "right pill" (as before I didn't notice that the pill was causing the low libido). Here in the UK I have tried Femodenne, Zelleta and other one that I don't remember the name unsuccessfully. Back in my country I had Minesse, but I was told that in the UK there is no such low contraception pill as that one :-(. Bringing it from my country is almost impossible as people living there don't find contraception pills.

I am really fed up to be quite honest. I have read some posts in this community and I comprehend how some people feel even though it can be difficult for everyone else. Do you have any recommendation in particular for my case? I have looked online about contraception with lower risk of producing a lower libido but no success :-(.

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I had exactly the same problem with contraception and tried the pill, implant and coil, all disagreed with me especially the coil which caused me lots of pelvic pain. Husband had the snip eventually as we have had children. For you though being on the pill or getting pregnant is meant to help with endo but it must be difficult for you as anyone needs a decent libido to start a family....Hope it works out for you one way or the other, as I'm finding out there are no easy answers


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