Advice on one ovary being removed

Hi. I've been to see my gynaecologist this morning. A year after diagnosed with grade 4 endo and Adenomosis and chocolate cyst I'm now going in to have endo cleaned up and right ovary removed ( due to constant pain) and colon being unstuck ! I would be most grateful for any advice about having one ovary, or any advice on having colon unstuck and endo romoved x

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  • Hi Sammie. I lost one tube and ovary when I was 22 and to be honest the only effect it has had for me is in relation to scarring and IVF (rather than fertility).

  • Thanks for reply. I'm 43 and I have my family so luckily it not a problem for me. I was just wondering if my periods/ mood change x

  • I had my right ovary and tube removed in january this year. I did a lot of research to see what could happen to me. I did find that I had hot flashes and sweats immediately for about 3 weeks. And that was it. My left ovary kicked in and I have been fine since. Now it didn't help with the endo pain (which, we removed the ovary to see if it was the reason for my severe pain my entire period history). But I am still happy I had it removed. But in all fairness, I started the Depo shot almost a month after my surgery.

  • I have only one left and hAve noticed no difference..periods stil regular. X

  • I had my left ovary removed last monday. Have to say I was really quite tearful by the time I got home, not because of the pain but just because. That soon settled though. I was then in the unfortunate position that I was due a period 3 days later.........that was horrendous and quite possibly worse than the discomfort, as it was extremely heavy but probably due to the surgery as well. Apart from the odd twinge 11 days later I feel fine. Better than I have done in the last 22 years, I'm not hopeful for years of being pain free but I'm lapping it up whilst its here :). Good luck with your surgery and hope all goes well

  • Thank you. It good to know what I might expect? Hope I finaly get a little bit less pain in the long run x

  • Marl81 can I ask why it was removed x

  • Yeah I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo in 2008. Then it seemed every 18 months after surgery each time I was going back to my consultant. So the last time I went we discussed the removal of the left ovary as the endo was favouring that ovary over the right one. Basically for pain management and the fact it kept attaching itself to my bowel

  • That's what's happening with me. X

  • That's what's happening with me. X

  • Hi,

    I had my left ovary removed in 2007 after several attempts at debriding and lasering the endometriomas on it were unsuccessful and I was in severe pain esp round ovulation.

    it didn't affect my periods immediately but I did notice I started getting them more frequently with my average cyclè length reducing from 28d to 26d. I also found out when I went for my 1st cycle of ivf 6 months later I have a v low ovarian reserve. Whether this would have been any better with the left ovary still present I don't know as apparently there wasn't really any normal ovarian tissue, it was all endo. And as it helped from a pain point of view ( I also had rectovaginal nodules removed including under the adhesed ovary that they wouldn't have been able to get at without removing the ovary, and lots more endo )

    I hope removing that ovary helps your pain levels become more manageable

    x x

  • Thank you x

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