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Dealing with stress?

This will be a bit rambelly I apologise in advance!

I have had two recent trips to a&e resulting in me being admitted for overall a week and a half. I had scan after scan and horrible examinations and tests for them to say it all came back normal so i could go home. Obviously I was very upset being in so much pain and being told I'm fine... In the end I saw a consultant who said it is my back and that is what is causing the pain I felt relieved that now things are getting sorted and returned back to work (carefully, I have been off for 3 weeks). I was called into hospital on tuesday and seen by a gyni consultant who did another examination and said despite the diagnosis of my back they think I have endometreosis in the same side. He said he could feel 'something' on my left ovary (ive had cysts in the past and scans showing its not a cyst this time). Hes booked me in for a laparoscopy which I'm incredibly nervous as to what he could find, he said because it has been going on for so long the endometreosis could have 'stuck' some of my organs together. I feel as if everything is getting so on top of me, I have just started university but had to move out of halls as me and the university agreed that it wasnt safe for me to be on painkillers like morphene on my own. Im finding walking and doing anything increasingly difficult going to work is so hard but I cant afford to miss any more time. I'm determined to carry on as usual, continue going to university, work, seeing friends etc but it's becoming so hard, I've read a lot online of how to feel better etc, the majority says to exersise, something which is unimagionable at the moment with this pain. Does anyone have any tips to deal with the stress that comes with this? How quickly can you return to work after a laparoscopy? I am keen to get back to work even if I just sit and do office work for the day but I'm not sure how realistic I'm being!

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Hi Hriverson,

My advice first off make sure that if they are going to do a lap that the surgeon is qualified to also tackle what is discovered at that time, I don't see the sense in going through the trauma of surgery just for confirmation. You risk further scarring and adhesions so you don't want to have to go back in a second time if it can be addressed on the first. Chances are you may need more surgeries down the road as it is and they will be less inclined to help you surgically the more often you've been under.

Secondly, scans are not always efficient. I've had four surgeries and the scans never showed what was found during these.

It sounds like your juggling a lot of balls at once as most women do, but put your health at the highest of priorities. It's perplexing dealing with this issue specifically because it is often snubbed as it is not a life threatening issue. Breathe deep get yourself a tens machine and a heating pad. Maybe see a physiotherapist. You need to vent and this is a good place to help you feel less alone.

I know how you feel about the thought of exercising at the moment, I swear if one more person tells me to try yoga... it's painful to imagine. I know Once I come around to feeling a little better I'll consider it but only exacerbates the pain more right now.

And as for dealing with the stress, I suggest maybe a visit to the comedy club with those friends of yours, your fortunate to have friends so use this forum for your health discussions and just leave out that part when your with your friends. You have to segregate your life to not let this disease take it over.

And let your body heal after surgery take the longest possible time because you'll be less likely to need to go back if you let yourself heal properly. No two people are alike and only you can judge how long you will need to recover.

Don't let it steal your sense of humor, xx



Thank you so much that really really helped and made me smile too! xx


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