Has anyone had injections that bring on a mini menopause?

I had my second laprascopy about a month ago because I was finding my endometriosis really hard to cope with but they found no active endometriosis but I still get all the symptoms and problems of it so now they want me to have monthly injections for 5 months and i'm worried about the effects of them bringing on a mini menopause

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  • I am due to start this too. Will you be taking "add back" HRT with it as apparently this can help eleviate the side effects and symptoms of menopause? x

  • I'm not sure I didn't really get many answers from the doctor I saw today it wasn't even really explained how it helps with endometriosis or what happens after the course is finished I feel quite in the dark to be honest

    I asked if I have no active endometriosis (that they could find) why do I still have all the symptoms and problems from it and she couldn't tell me x

  • i'm on zoladex for 3 months, i'm not taking hrt with it. so far seems to be working. my cramps are not as bad. back pain is a little easier, and im not bleeding. thank god. xxx

  • Hi, I started into mini menopause early April .ive two infections to get over 6 months (decapeptyl) next one early July it's only took one week for the hot flushes to set in. Followed a week later by night sweats which interfere with my sleep ! my doctor said he review hrt in July so I'm trying to deal with these side effects herbally .i have good days and bad but my pain is nearly gone which I'm delighted with doctor gave very little information thank god for Internet this is how I've been finding out all my info.this injection is to give my body a rest and allow the endo to shrink. Every month you have a period the endo flares up.so by not having period it shrinks. This is no a long term solution but hope fully will give us some relief for a bit. This is my under standing of it x

  • Hi, I can't help with the menopause injections as I've not had them, I just wondered if you were on the pill at your last lap? I had a lap in October where no endo was found and was advised to come off the pill for my lap two weeks ago. Endo then showed up everywhere! I really hope the injections help you x

  • Thank you for all replies it really helps to know i'm not alone I was on the pill the last time I had my lap I take 2 strips back to back but when the op was over they found some scarring and the endo I have was inactive so it was not treated

    I'm not sure whether I want these injections are all the symptoms worth it and I get on with my pill and they say it's working but I still find it hard to cope with my pain, the doctor I saw yesterday as a follow up to the op said any pain outside of my period is probably not caused by endo but I've had pain to some degree every day before I was diagnosed and up until this day and it affects life so much I just don't know what to do x

  • i had the injections many years ago i had to take hrt as nite sweats were affecting me

  • Hi I was just wondering what happened after you finished the injections did your endo go back to how it was before you had them and when you get your first appointment do they give you the first injection straight away or talk you through it all first, thanks x

  • i had mine done at my surgery its nothing to worry abt its not a cure but can help get rid of some endo. dsnt work for everyone. i was put on hrt for flushes as they were awful. please dnt worry its worth a try. my periods came back normally after. it works for some and not for others worth a try x

  • everyones dif i still had my endo. procedures not scary and yes you have it injected on first apt please dnt worry it dsnt hurt and is worth a try

  • Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it x

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