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Uterus didelphys - advice please

Hi all,

I posted on here a couple of weeks ago with how my laparoscopy went the lap was to remove a dermoid cyst and they found out I have endometriosis along with 2 uterus and 2 cervix! I would really like to hear from anyone else on here who has the same and if you experience 2 cycles? I don't think I do, if you do have 2 cycles is it possible to have a cycle from one side and actually be pregnant on the other side???? I would also love to hear from anyone who has managed to fall pregnant and go full term with this? I'm 35 and we have been trying to conceive now for around a year and a half hence having lap Donets remove cyst which was August 8th 2014, still early days i suppose for everything to be getting back on track, i have an appointment to see my gynaecologist October 30th when I will ask for my notes and see if I can find out how big each uterus is, I have also noticed the last couple of days that I have had a small amount of egg white discharge with a little blood in it, I've been using ovulation sticks and these advise I'm not ovulating, I've not had this before, has anyone else had this? any information will be greatly appreciated, thank you for taking time to read my post xx

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I have a friend with this, exactly the same, two of everything. She has had two children in her late 30s, all naturally conceived, and she has a bit of endo (not much though). She isn't even that healthy, and she conceived pretty quickly each time, oh and she went full term on both pregnancies.

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Hi Yellow Rose,

Thank you for replying to my post, that's really good to hear.


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