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Mirena coil

Hi all,

I had an appointment for with my gynecologist a few days ago due to endometriosis coming back . Despite having a laparoscopy in January he confirmed that not all of it has been removed. Also I have polycystic ovaries and I am suffering from both. Due to having heavy bleading every week he suggested I have the coil . I am just wondering if anyone can give advise about how it helps periods, how it helps endo and I'd anyone has experienced any side effects ?

Any help would be great as I am a bit dubious about having it. Thanks :)

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Hey. I have had the mirena coil for 3 years now and due to have a lap and new mirena put in on 30th October. It worked miracles for my periods as I was becoming anaemic from losing so much blood through my periods, when it had settled which took a While, it stopped my periods altogether, the pain lessened also it was like a miracle, I felt I could get my life back on track for awhile. But for me personally the last year my endometriosis came back with avendengance my periods were not as heavy as before but the pain was as bad as the start. (Not sure why it came back) I had lots of checks and my gp said it had stopped working or he hormones had reduced in the coil trying to keep the endo at bay. During this time I found I started getting regular infections which were extremely uncomfortable for me but with a good amount of cranberry juice daily this seemed to flush it out as they wouldn't do anything sooner. My gynea told me at my pre op that it is endos miracle worker and I think I would agree so far as we we're speaking about different treatments and for me the mirena seems to be the chosen one and I trust my gynaecologist. I would recommend it or atleast give it a try. The side effects I actually can't remember really there being many, apart from the usual side effects of the endo, but everyone's body is different. I hope this helps, I would really suggest giving it a try, it's better than the injections.

Take care Han xx

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