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Mirena coil

Just had to have one fitted under consultants directions. Not only did he forget to order it but also forgot to say to take pain relief before.

It hurt a lot (understatement) and I feel like throwing up. If anyone else has one fitted I strongly recommend having it done under general. Read this is best option on endometriosis websites after. I know a bit late. All I can say is it better work.

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I went to see a private consultant, in order to have him order my fitting on the NHS, as my GP was suggesting it was only possible at the clinic. Having posted on here about mine coming to the end of it's days, and worrying about removal and chances of replacement if my oestrogen is still high, 'Impatient' told me that we have a 'RIGHT' to have them fitted in hospital and under anaesthetic ... and that GPs are even encouraged not to tell us this, to save money. I want mine removed in hospital, possibly under anaesthetic, so I'm interested to see what sort of battle I will have with my GP.

So sorry you had a bad experience. I do hope it works well for you. Mine has been a lifesaver, cannot imagine how I would have survived the last 5 years without it.


I'm hoping it works because next step is a hysterectomy. I was really scared about having it done because my sister had one fitted and it got lost requiring an operation.

The pain is easing now.


So long as the pain continues to ease, and generally (once it's settled down) is not too excruciating, I would try to stick with it. I think it took a couple of months before I noticed my periods easing, but by six months they had stopped altogether.

I've been fine since, just dreading it all coming back if they think my oestrogen has dropped enough (I'm probably menopausal by now, but oestrogen was still high 3 years ago) and I therefore don't have a replacement.

Hope it goes well.


I had my mirena removed after 13 years, despite my numerous requests to have it taken out under anaesthetic i was refused, they tried to remove it 4 times and on the 5th attempt it eventually came out (bear in mind each attempt put me off going back again), i would def insist that it be removed under anaesthetic, it is the only humane way to do it! It is correct that the gps are discourage to offer this to save money!


Oh that's awful. I'm so sorry.

I am very worried that I may have a fight, although a friend just had hers done in hospital, by the same consultant who placed mine. If nothing else I can start by using her case as precedent if my GP practice is awkward. I also have a fibroid, and the consultant had problems inserting the coil as my womb is tilted (had to call another surgeon in to help), so maybe all this may work in my favour.

Who did you approach in your campaign to have anaesthetic? I'm mentally preparing to raise the roof, as everything I read, every day, is making me so mad about the way women are treated - full stop - never mind in relation to health care in general, and endo and other womens' issues in particular.

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that is exactly what i thought, womans health seems to be regarded as a very low concern, they expect women to be able to cope with pain, and i was assured that it would not be painful, and it was painful, i was also told that because i had two children i should be able to cope with the procedure (both of my children were emergency c\sections) and because i still have continuous pain i am only being given stringer pain relief, they are not interested in investigating why i have been battling so long! very frustrating!


Doctors were adamant I had the Mirena coil before they would investigate further. So I had it done at my local drs surgery, they didn't tell me to take anything before hand either. I was told it would hurt more due to me not having children yet and whilst having it done that I was over reacting. I asked how long would I likely to need off work, she replied saying I could go back the same day! I ended up with 3 days off!

I suffered weeks after having it placed and 6 months later it still caused me discomfort plus did little to help with anything. It made me an emotional wreck, one minute i would be okay, the next I'd feel really angry and then upset over nothing. I've just had my first laparoscopy done yesterday and asked for it to be taken out whilst I was under, they were fine with this and I'm relieved I didn't have to go through having it removed awake. I won't ever be having one again in the future due to the effects it had one me.

Sorry to hear you've had/having a horrible time with it. It's an awful experience and I really hope it works for you hun x


I had the mirena fitted and agree, it was excruciating. My mum insisted on coming with me (she had undiagnosed endo for many years and 100% understands all the pain) and although I didn't think I'd need her, thank god she knew better because I was a mess after it was fitted. I was 22 at the time, no children but I thought that because I have a lot of pain anyway I could handle the mirena insertion. Anyway, like BrownBear17, it turned me into an emotional wreck. It was like PMS but 24/7 and with really intense unhappiness and anxiety that I just couldn't shift. I went back to the doctors after two and half months and had it removed and felt considerably better within a couple of weeks. I was then diagnosed as progesterone intolerant which is slightly tedious but at least I know what I have to avoid now!

I hope the mirena works well for you, I know it's worked wonders for a lot of people; we're just all so different! If only there were a one treatment fits all!


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