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From retroverted uterus to anteverted uterus?

Ok... so I got my letter from my consultant and I just realised it says on there that I have an anteverted uterus. Now last year's letter after the lap said I had a retroverted uterus... I have to go find it now but I'm almost 100% sure it said that because I remember looking it up and realised my uterus or tilted backwards....

So now it's tilted forward so still or in the right place... This might explain some of the symptoms I'm having with my bladder at the moment...

So my question is... can it move. And if so what causes it? I have tried searching this on here but have had no results. .. seems retroverted is more popular.

Anyone else have this?

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Yes it is supposed to be able to move, a healthy uterus not stuck with adhesions flips back and forth and can be repositioned by doctor using his hands.

It will have it's preferred position, and tend to stay there most of the time.

2/3rds of ladies have a naturally tilting forwards one and 1/3rd have a naturally rear tilting uterus.

With cases where there are a lot of adhesions (whether caused by surgery or truma or endo) the womb gets glued and either stuck forward or backward tilting depending on the adhesions and cannot be manipulted to budge until all the sticky adhesions have been cut.

The chief differences that apply are with a retroverted uterus you always need a transvaginal (internal) ultrasound. With anteverted you can have an over the tummy skin scan.

Also when having a smear or any gynae check with a speculum - you need the one specially shaped for retroverted position if that's the direction yours is stuck in. The normal speculum sizes on offer at most clinics are for anteverted.

So it sounds like yours is behaving perfectly normally, unless it turns that adhesions from the bladder to the uterus have glued it facing that way and it can no longer tilt backwards. a lap op would determine if that is what has happened.


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