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Terrible headaches & temperatures

Hi ladies,

For a couple of years my body temperature goes from normal to abnormally boiling whilst I'm sleeping but for the past few months my boyfriend has said that my skin is boiling to the touch and my temperatures are getting higher. I'm really confused and worried as to what this could be? It's only when I sleep and when I've reached a certain temperature I wake up and am sick. I've also been getting very horrendous headaches lately too and I'm not sure if that's linked in with the temperatures or not? If anyone could help that would be perfect, should I go to the doctors?

Thanks, ella xx

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yes do go to the GP. Your hormone levels need to be checked out, with a blood test.

Headaches may be hormone related too,

but also can be down to dehydration because you are having hot flushes and sweating and being sick, it's very easy to loose too much fluid that way.

Always try and have a drink of water after or during a hot flush to top up what you are losing.

you can buy rehydration sachets from the chemist. a powder you mix in water and drink to replenish the salts in the body that you lose.

They are very helpful, but an alternative 1st aid remedy is a bottle of fizzy lemonade (not coke or anything else, just lemonade) leave the lid off for it to go flat and get rid of the fizz CO2 gas, and drink that instead of water. It too can provide an emergency top up. rehydration sachets are better, but as a backup the lemonade trick is a handy alternative to use too.

Bets of Luck


Thank you, yes I'll definitely get to my GP, I didn't realise it could be my hormones doing it, my hormone levels have never been right but I thought the contraceptive pill was helping to regulate them, maybe not! Thank you for the tips, I'll definitely use them! Hopefully the GP will be able to see what's going on!

Take care x


Forgot to say... I've been diagnosed with endo & adeno and didn't know whether it's caused by this x


Hi there, I have this problem a lot too lately :-( I am currently off work as I woke up on Tuesday with a very high temperature and even got very sick just before I wanted to go to work. Had horrible headaches too and my boss said maybe its a sickness bug/virus. I felt very sick again this morning and temperature goes up and down. But I get it a lot lately and I am freezing cold one moment and really hot the next. I am also absolutely exhausted all the time and I work full time 45-50 hrs per week and study part time.

Also just about to undergo IVF treatment in a few months and wondering if I should cut down my working hrs. My last Endo Op was 9 months ago and I did great for a few months on Serrapeptase but its not working any more and I get worse every week.. So I am also wondering if I should see the Drs about it today or tomorrow? x


You should definitely go and see your GP for advice, it's so horrible isn't it, really wears you down having headaches & pain all the time! I also get that, I get cold so easily but I get the worst temperatures. But definitely go to the doctors, especially if you're having IVF to give it the best chance to work. Good luck & take care x

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