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Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

I have a history of hip pain but it always went away after my 3 laporscopic surgeries for endo, ovarian cysts and adhesions. Then I had a hysterectomy 11 years ago leaving my tubes and ovaries. When this hip pain returned recently, naturally I thought, here we go again. My mri showed bilateral ovarian cysts, a concern now that i'm 50 years of age, and trochantric hip bursitis both sides but more significant on the right. My blood tests don't show any signs of menopause yet. Being treated by physio for SI joint dysfunction had a cortisone injection by fluoroscopic guidance a week ago It's only starting to feel a little better now, using a si belt is helping alot. Maybe they're right or maybe I'm just at a good time in my cycle right now, since mri one cyst burst, and I did feel less pain in the pelvis on the left but the right pain continues. They sent me for transvaginal ultrasound, the technician remarked that I had a small cyst on my right ovary but nothing on the left but the report read,ovaries are identified without significant cysts or masses. Anyone else suffer from this back and hip pain with pelvic pain and been misdiagnosed? And shouldn't I be concerned about leaving cysts on my ovaries?

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Most cysts will disappear on their own - we all get them. everyone with working ovaries that is. Most you won't notice and while some will pop (ouch) and some will spring a leak. It is much rarer for them to become a royal nuisance and need surgery to drain or remove them.

Monitoring them with periodic scans is the usual first line of treatment, as most will go by themselves.

If they keep on growing, if they start impacting on the bladder or bowel functions, become twisted or spring a leak that causes constant pains and are of a size big enough to warrant surgery then your surgeon will book you in for a lap op.

Provided you have not passed menopause then risks of cysts being sinister is very low indeed.

There are several types of cyst and the scans will usually pick up the ones that are cause for concern and you will be sent for a blood test and referred rapidly to oncology for fast track to surgery if there is any hint of a possible cancer.

Other than that- having the right strength of pain killers will go a long way to making life more comfy. cysts that have popped can refill up again- which is another good reason for ensuring you do get a follow up scan.

Each time you ovulate - maturing eggs are in their own cysts, so you should have a small cyst on one side or the other in a normal menstrual cycle. Perhaps two or three on the go at the same time (heading for non identical twins or triplets if you were to get pregnant.)

Without a uterus there blocking the view, the scans will have a much clearer view of any possible cysts, so please don't worry. That side of things sounds normal.

The bursitis on the other hand could account for your discomfort, hope the cortisone does the trick and reduces the inflammation. My poor old brother (younger than me) is suffering with that right now. he is also on cortisone injections too.

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Hi Impatient,

How is your brother doing now?

Since I posted this I have also had a lower spine MRI and have discovered I also have a mild curvature convex left.

And mild bilateral facet arthropathy of L4 L4-5 L5S1, and also broad based posterior central disc protrusion,indenting ventral theca between proximal L5 nerve roots and broad based left paracentral/foraminal protrusion with annular fissure that contacts and mildly displaces proximal left S1 nerve root in lateral recess and just contacts but does not displace proximal right S1 nerve root. Mild Caudal narrowing of left S1 foramen.

I know it's technical but I know your a smart bird!

My question after dissecting all this regarding the scoliosis, I know you have discussed Marfan Syndrome with others and I know your quite knowledgeable I was wondering about the NONstructual scoliosis instead.

Despite mine is probably more a degenerative change.

I wondering if perhaps an inflammatory issue such as endometriosis could be the cause. I have read Inflammatory condition such as appendicitis could be a cause, so would this not make sense?



I can't give any advice about cysts, but I see that Impatient has already given a comprehensive answer. However, I suggest you have a look at another post that's on here today about progesterone and hypermobile joints.

I had a mirena fitted to help me with endo and increasing perimenopausal pain nearly 5 years ago. As part of the pain cycle I was having trouble with hip and back pain, but this all disappeared once I had the mirena. I always assumed the progesterone in this had helped with the joint pain (this pain was never firmly diagnosed, although my GP suspected trochanteric bursitis in my hips).

I had been hoping to have a replacement mirena next year when this one is removed, as currently, I feel my joint pains are returning, and I wondered if it was a drop in progesterone causing this, as the mirena wanes, but today's post on the mirena and hypermobility has cause a rethink.

So ... I would have been all ready to suggest to you that you discuss and investigate some progesterone treatment (tablet, I don't think it comes in patches) to see if it helps with the hip pains. Particularly as, like you, over 5 years ago my hormone levels were not at all menopausal. However my symptoms were, and when I insisted on seeing a gynaecologist, he thought my oestrogen was over-dominant.

However, the post on here, today - that I suggest you read - would seem to suggest that progesterone is not necessarily good for joints. However, I do suggest you investigate the hormone situation more, as just not showing hormonal signs of menopause, yet, may not mean that the levels do not have something to do with your pains.

Do the any medics give any clear explanation of why the bursitis occurs, at all? I never got that far with my investigations into the hip pain.

Also, have you seen a really, really, good physio about the pain? For many years (before the perimenopuase set in, and endo pain got worse once I'd been told to stop taking the pill) I was able to control my slightly over-flexibleness, with appropriate exercises from the physio, and then a really good pilates teacher, to strengthen my joints.

Sorry this is a bit convoluted, but I think you should keep pursuing the hormone route a bit more, and try to get more satisfaction with regard to the bursitis - cortisone injections may help, but I would want to know, why does it happen at all?


Hi GrittyReads, thank you for your reply, coincidently I did read that article before seeing your post I think you are referring to catlou"s post, yes it was very informative it brings to mind a quote from the movie "as good as it get's", by Helen Hunt when she's referring to H.M.O's. It's bad I know but this journey is hard enough without bad advice from your GP.


Hi givemeananswer! :)

Where do you have Endo? I have it extensive on both Uteroscaral Ligaments. My SI joints have been playing me up loads for years and my physio reckons that must definitely have affected them. I'm also wearing a belt! although I'm not really sure it's helping possibly too little too late....

Have you tried Acupuncture? That can be helpful for hip pain.

I'm glad you and others! read my Progesterone and Laxity post! My SI joints along with everywhere else went so so much worse after it.

Take Care xx


Hi catlou, nice to hear from you. Currently I am awaiting my first gynecologist appointment Sept. 29 since my hysterectomy in august of 2003.

So not sure yet if I have endo yet again or not, at least I wasn't informed of any diagnostic recognition of such recently.

I can't believe how much we are on the same wavelength, going over my past post operative reports, I have had repetitive return of endometriosis in both the cul de sac and uteraosacral ligaments. As well I had adhesions of the left tube to the left ovary. It has been noted on my reports that the "ligaments appear shortened (possibly due to endometriosis)". I have had LUNA performed.

Not sure if I mentioned my hysterectomy was due to adenomyosis and though it was performed just one year after having laporoscopy to remove endometriosis it had returned again already.

I had a nice stretch after 2003 though, I'm thankful for that, and I am one of the lucky ones that I was able to have my family before it really struck me down.

Yesterday was a good day physically I thought maybe the cortisone was working, but today not so much.

Thanks again it's nice to have people to bounce things off of, it helps at least I feel I'm getting somewhere.


You are welcome - it is good to know we are not alone!

Keep us updated of how you get on.



Oh yes Catlou, I haven't done acupunture recently but in the past I've tried it and found the effect didn't last as long as with the TENS machine. So I use my daughters daily, although can't say it really works as well this time as it did in the past, my physiotherapist that I usually see once a week gives me therapeutic ultrasound and tens as well. I'm also doing the exercises he assigned me everyday. Some days I can't do certain ones like the side to side bent knee drops from lying on back position. Some days I can, which makes me think hormones are playing a role here.


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