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Running for Endometriosis UK on Sunday- help!

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I am running Run to the Beat on Sunday and have raised £1025.00 for Endometriosis UK. I am a runner, but this week having a particularly horrible time with endo. I've tried to run every day, but where I normally run 10-20k I can't even push past 2k. The pain is unbearable, I've tried to keep going and ended up curled up on the bathroom floor throwing up.

Any advice for Sunday very, very much appreciated! I am due on period about that time too.

Thank you in advance!


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I wish you had contacted us sooner - the drug Norethisterone will delay a period starting but has to be taken from at least 5 days before a period is due. Arghhhhh

Apart from that side of things - the whole point of endo is that it does impair your ability to achieve so many things - and if you cannot complete the course so what !! It just highlights even more what a pain in the pelvis this disease is.

You can only do your best to get as far as you can - with pain relief etc. I am quite sure your sponsors will understand the effort that you will need to be making to get wherever you can get to on the day, and won't withdraw their sponsorship if you are forced to stop early.

The same would apply if your tripped and sprained an ankle - at least you have tried your best.

I am no athlete or long distance runner -so on the practical side of things I will have to duck out regards giving advice. Not my forte. I have done lots of different sports over the years but never distance running - mother nature did not build me for distance anything.

Very best of luck - and hope there might be other distance runners on the forum with more practical advice for you on the running through the pain side of things.

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Thank you for your advice, you're absolutely right- I will turn up and try no matter what. If that ends up being very slow and bent double in pain,so be it- that's what we face. Maybe it's a good way to raise awareness. Xxx

I am also running Run to the Beat as well - I would advise to not take too many painkillers if you can avoid it as can mask running injuries. I too havent been able to train as I would have liked due to pain these last few weeks so will also be slow! Endo is a real b**tch sometimes.

Thank you Somegirlcalledjo, good luck on Sunday. I do try not to take too much pain relief, if at all possible. I banned myself totally from it when I recently ran a 100k ultra marathon because I needed to be aware of injuries and was really unwell starting.

Hope your pain eases soon and you get your UCH appointment!


Me too! and also good luck on sunday. Run it for Endo girls everywhere!


I am not a fan of pain killers. However, I am a big runner and before a race I will take some which can aid somewhat although not completely. Adrenaline often sees me through the pain on race day :) Good luck

Good luck with the run on Sunday

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