Best contraceptive for Endometriosis?

Just wondering what the better contraceptive pill is for endometriosis.

I've tried Levlin, Norimin and Diane, but they dont seem to work that well, so i was wondering what other people are taking?

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Mirena has the best success rate as a contraceptive - because it is not relying entirely on hormones which can be affected by anitibiotics etc. It forms a cervical mucus plug in the uterus which stops any sperm swimming up there and it can stop ovulation too.

Gives you the FAQs and answers on Mirena.

Thank you :)

Just worried, cause I just read the site, but when my gp tried to do a pap smear, it stung and really hurt to even have anything up there, so Im not sure I can have the Mirena because of the high amount of pain :(

I used to be on Loestrin, which I found helped a little, which was better than nothing and didn't seem to have the side effects like I had with Microgynon. It is lower in Oestrogen than some of the normal contraceptive pills. Hate to say it but it may be a trial and error to find what one works best for you.

Hope you manage find something to work for you soon x

You can take pain killers before hand - and you can ask for anaesthetic too while the device is installed - like entonox (gas and air) .

The best time to have it put in is when you have a general anaesthetic for lap op on the endo. That way you know nothing about it - ultrsound can be used to position it correctly too.

I would recommend gas & air my mirena killed getting it in then it went missing. I'm on microgynon & I tri-cycle it. The main thing is everyone is different we all have to try these things to find what's right 4 us x

Thank you :) xx

Hi. I would say the Mirena coil, it's suppose to minimise the endo. I had mine fitted whilst I had my lap. You don't know it's there. I heard you can have them fitted by a qualified GP or at the hospital under general anaesthetic, talk to your GP about it.

Lisa x

Thank you x

Hi I'm on depo provera and even though I still have million symptoms - at least my periods stopped and the horride period (and pre-period) pain is gone. But I do feel like crying (well I do cry often for no reason) for the past few months since I'm on it and I'm wondering if it's becasue I feel low cos of the symptoms or if it's cos of depo...GP said that depo and mirena are the best for the endo and that i should start with depo and if it wont help then try mirena x

The pain and bleeding stopped for you? Ugh, I have been on it for not quite 2 months. I bleed constantly and the pain is still horrible. And the period pain is unbearable still. I am fortunate not to have many of the side effects of the depo, but I still ask my family and best friends if my attitude has changed any. I have been on about 7 different kinds of b/c and it turned out the extra estrogen was disastrous to my mental health; so I am super paranoid about my attitude. I do seem to have "girly" moments, but they are not too bad. I keep wondering if the mild depression is from the shot, or from this time of year when the weather is changing constantly (I also get the Seasonal affective disorder). How long have you been on the shot?

I'm on depo since beginning of December 13 (even my GP couldn't believe I didn't bleed/spot at all since the shot!). I tried implanon before (nightmare, constant bleeding for 8 months until i got i t removed), microgynon (migraines were unbearable) and gedarel (better than microgynon but still bad). I was really nauseous for first 2-3 weeks after depo but it has now settled, I think my mood changes though and I find myself crying for no reason sometimes but it's still better than horrid period pain and migraines I had during periods. I still have a lot of bowel symptoms, abdominal discomfort and awful lower back pain though. I only had two shots until now (next one in May) so I hope my mood will improve too. I will definetely carry on with depo now, it's not ideal but works best from what I tried until now (even though I was told by one doctor that having bad reaction to implanon i shouldn't have depo, only my gp convinced me to try last year) - but then - every contraceptive works differently for ever women... x

I've been on several different pills including Cerazette and currently Micronor. I have found neither of these have worked for me, and so my consultant told me to double the dose i take of Micronor, as this has stopped my periods in the past. It made me very tired, my mood swings were horrendous and i was having cramps daily. Ive now decided to go back onto just one pill a day and the monstrous period pains have returned! I would advise you to go back to the GP and see what they say. i know a lot of people say they get on great with the Mirena Coil but some people disagree, its totally up to you! I just hope you find one that works for you! Xx

Thank You :)

the GP put me on the cilest pill which made my hormones worse and my pain no better so if they recommend the cilest contraceptive pill, I would say mo although it does work differently on different people.

Thank you :)

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