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Is this normal?

Hello, I'm 19 years old and has suffered from suspected endometriosis for 4 years, 2 weeks ago I had a lap and they confirmed that it was endometriosis, I haven't spoken to my gynaecologist since but I have an appointment in 6 weeks, so I'm not sure what stage I am.. But I'm 2 weeks post lap and going to the toilet to pee causes excruciating pain inside me, not like a UTI it hurts where my ovaries are.. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this after their laparoscopy? I am also in more pain than before my operation, I am getting really bad period pains.. Been to see my GP And he has just given me some tablets to relax my stomach which haven't seemed to help? Any advice would be much appreciated.. Thank you :)

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Hi Hun

I would probably call the Gynea department to speak to consultant who did the op , you can't wait 6 wks to find out if this pain is anything to worry about but I personally don't remember having pain like that after lap .


I agree call the hospital and speak to the consultant


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