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Another zolodex question

Hi everyone,

I've just been reading lots of posts and I see that many of us have real concerns about Zolodex. I've had 5 surgeries so far for usual catalogue of stage for endo and waiting for full pelvic clearance op with bowel resection. I've been told this op won't be for at least 8 months (because of the gynae and bowel teams required & the only surgery in theatre that day). My question is this; this is my second time being on Zolodex. I was put on it before about 2 years ago for 6mths and now I'm on it again for 2mths so far, and a possible 8 months until the operation. My Mum has osteoporosis and no one ever questioned whether I'd been on it before (I'm with a new surgeon). I find myself quite low, with no energy and feel like my life is passing me by. Any thoughts or advise would be really appreciated. Thanks to everyone who writes such honest and supportive messages on this site.

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i was on zolodex 3 times for 6 months and then a few years later for 12 months whilst waiting for surgery and i have to say i hated every minute of it i was like u tired all the time took me all my energy to get myself out of bed in the mornings cried most of the day as well was not nice to live with and for the first few months helped with the pain bt after that the pain came back so i was feeling like rubbish and in pain again so i decided to come off it as i wasnt given very much advice regarding it but speak to ur doctor about ur fears and concerns as they are not minor sorry if that isnt much help x


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