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Zolodex injection

Hi everyone I'm new to this, and would be greatful with some answers if possible :), Im 22 years old, I got diagnosed with endometriosis 3 years ago, I had keyhole surgery a couple of years ago and got it removed unfortunately it come back 5momthe after surgery. So being in a lot of pain as I'm sure you can all relate too, I fought and fought and fought.. I lost my job due to sickness and it destroyed me. Where I am today is I'm having these Zolodex injections with HRT tablet. When I first had the injection I bled heavy for a week or so, me

And my partner are having unprotected sex but as my second injection I have had I have missed my period due date? Is this normal? Also getting very hormonal, upset and crying all the time,constantly hot and cold.. please help? It can't be possible I'm pregnant can it? Can you get pregnant on the injection?

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It is normal to have no periods on Zolodex. And I was very hormonal crying one minute (uncontrollably) then angery the next. I would believe it is the Zolodex. Can I ask what your next step is for treatment? As Zolodex alone is not a treatment for endo. Also how long are you meant to be on it?


Hi. Right as my first injection I had a period and now my second one I haven't which was leaving me abit lost due to thinking I was pregnant :/ apparently the doctors have said I need to try this injection, I do a 5 month course and then if no changes then surgery, my point was I had surgery a couple of years ago and never was offered no injection where this year they said about the injection I was adiment I wasn't having it, but I had to try it so far it's done nothing for me I'm still in agony so I don't see the point


I was on Zolodex between operations (they were 10 months apart and all part of one treatment not the same as how they are treeting you) Are you with a BGSE centre? If not please go to your GP and tell them you would like a referral to one as a normal gynaecologist is why I have ended up having 5 laps over 3 years! I don't think Zolodex can help you as its not a treatment it stops the endo growing but only while you take it and you can not take it for long periods. I believe you should not be on Zolodex longer than 6 months.

The Doctors can only advise you and if you do not want Zolodex they have to respect that and if you want to be referred to a BGSE centre that is your right too. Please don't let them push you around.

I hope you can get this sorted as I do know the pain is not a nice way to live.


Hi, I'm not sure about the pregnancy or Zoladex (no injections ever helped me) but I just wanted to say that you should check out excision surgery specialists. After over 20 years of suffering (with ops, injections, hormones etc) this is the only thing that really helped my pain.


Hi. Oh really? Is that private ?


I don't live in UK so I had to travel over. I had health insurance, but I think it might be more available on the NHS now. Maybe google some excision surgery specialists near where you live and call them. I know some of them do work for NHS.


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