Laparoscopy last month 3rd July, just found out I'm pregnant!

Had my lap 3rd of July they drained an endomitrioma and did a pelvic washout, found my ovaries and bowel adherent to posterior wall of uterus, just over one month one I've found out I'm pregnant after 6yrs of trying, I'm a whirlwind of emotions at the minute joy, fear, Wariness.

My doctor has booked me an appointment at the early pregnancy assessment unit for an internal scan on Wednesday 27th to check everything is as it should be with it being so close to my lap, keeping my fingers crossed, has anyone had the same happen or know anyone that has xxxx

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  • Congratulations!! Having my lap in November and also ttc for a while, glad to see you had such good results with it. I don't personally know anyone but on an endo blog that I read a while ago someone had a very similar experience, getting pregnant almost straight after lap and it all went well. Hope it all goes well with your scan xxx

  • Hope your lap brings the outcome you want hunnie I know I how upsetting it is ttc and always getting negative tests of period arriving, I honestly never expected it so from looking online it seems quiet comman getting pregnant straight after xxxxxx

  • Congratulations!!!

    Do you know roughly how many weeks pregnant that would make you on the 27th? I'm asking just because if you are less than 6 weeks, they may not be able to give you a conclusive answer as to whether there is a pregnancy. If you will be less than 6 weeks at the time of your scan and want to go anyway, just bear in mind that it doesn't necessarily mean that there is a problem but that you are just a bit too early for anything to be seen on the scan. If the scan is inconclusive, they will most likely do a blood test (bHCG level) and re-book you for another scan in 7-10 days. A week makes a huge difference in early pregnancy as to what can be seen on the scan.

    Good luck and fingers crossed for you xxx

  • I've already prepared myself not to get much info lol thinking I'm 5weeks 3days today but it we may be off by a few days, I'm just concentrating on positives for now, I've got a touch of morning, my books are sore which I'm pleased about I'd be worried if I had no symptoms

  • Hi, I could have written this! I had my lap in May to finally diagnose and treat endo. Found out I was pregnant at the end of June after six years of trying, and tests, and doctors, and banging our heads against a brick wall. I had scans at 7 and 9 weeks. Am now 11 weeks 5 days. Still very nervous as we've wanted this for so long and can't quite believe it's happened. Congratulations x

  • Congrats Liltibfib, how strangely similar our stories are lol hope all goes well for you and little Bubba xxxxxx

  • Thank you, and I wish you and your little one all the best. I found counting down each week helpful as the end of first trimester seemed a long way. Each time I got to the end of a week I'd read about what to expect in the next week xx

  • That's what I've been doing I downloaded an app to my phone that tells u each week and shows you a time time too xxxx

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