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I got a cold and lap on Tuesday

Hi I got a cold after coming back from pre-assessment on last Tuesday (12/8) and I am booked my lap next Tuesday (19/8). My cold is not so bad, no temperature not much coughing or sore throat. Just occasional blocked nose and tiredness. At the beginning I thought my hay fever got worse but by Wednesday afternoon I was quite sure this is a little cold. I tend to get a little cold when I am on my period and it started last weekend. I had migraines on Wednesday and Thursday but they could be because of my period rather than this cold. It is difficult how bad is this cold as I have my period symptom which overlap some of them.

I am not sure I could be a lot better by the lap day. I am hoping so as I have been waiting for this such a long time. I will give hospital a ring on Monday if I am still having symptoms.

Does anyone know how to get rid of cold quickly? I have taken Vitamin C and Zinc tablets, Chinese herbal cold remedies, eating strawberries. I am resting as much as I can.

I am not too bad today compare with Thursday when I had worst symptom. I haven't had high fever with this cold. I have been drinking green tea all day. I have some mouth ulcers but this could be from eating a bit of wheat pancake (I am on the gluten free diet).

Do you think my Tuesday lap will be cancelled? How bad do I need to be in order to the lap to be cancelled?

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I wouldn't be too worried I've had laps in the past with a cold even had a laparotomy with a cold. I'd just minimise your symptoms before the op but perhaps expect to feel worse after the anaesthetic.

I take echinacea to speed up recover from a cold not sure if it works or is a placebo.

fingers crossed you pick up by Tuesday and it will all go smoothly.

Take care


Hi Thanks

I feel a lot better today. I will take a day off tomorrow even I feel I am fit for work but to have a good rest for Tuesday. I think I should be fine as many of my symptom has gone or are going.

I haven't had cold for a good few months as it got warmer and I managed to get a cold when I most not needed!

You take care too :)


I would think you would be fine for your lap onTuesday unless you have signs of infection eg a temperature or have a chesty cough.Keeping my fingers crossed for you and hope everything goes smoothly for you on Tuesday.Will be thinking of you.

Are you noticing any improvement in your pain with the Singulair?


Hi daffodil

Thank you. I feel better today. I am not coughing much and no fever. I will take an annual leave tomorrow so I can rest.

Re: Singulair, I think my period pain is a bit better. My main pain which starts 10 days before my period is still very bad but I feel Diclofenac / Naproxen are working better since I started taking Singulair. It may be doing some good for me. I still having agonizing pain before period but my chest pain during the period seems to be better. Overall it is working some for the pain during the period for me. I will keep taking for a while.

I hope your op goes well and don't catch a cold!

Take care :)


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