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Lap op on Tuesday-rising panic and nerves

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Hello I'm due my lap on Tuesday and to be honest I'm getting increasingly panicky and nervous to the point of being on the verge of a panic attack at times if I think about it too much.

I know I have some cysts that are quite large and need removing but I have no idea what else is going on. I'm terrified of what she might find and what that could mean.

I am petrified of the op and going to sleep. I've never had an op in my life so the thought of being put to sleep and having no control over my conciousness is causing me major anxiety. My consultant advised me to explain to the anesthastist how nervous I am but am reluctant for a sedative as will feel even less in control! (Control freak by nature me!)

Have packed my bag tonight with overnight bits just in case. Have plenty of fluids and peppermint tablets to take for after.

Help! I'm in a tizz really.

12 Replies
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What he feeling is totally normal even I get nervous and I have had to many ops to count and I still felt nervous about my second lap. My best advice is think on the think on the positive but honestly when u wake up u will just want the nurses to leave u alone and if u have an questions the docs and nurses can answer them before u go down.

Hope u have a speedy recovery

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Thank you both and I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets so nervous! It's silly really as anything and everything that could go wrong I'm imagining x

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I have had a lap and am currently waiting for my 2nd one. I wish you good luck and everything will be fine. Its a simple operation in medical terms and ure surgeon would have done lots of these procedures so will be very experiance.

Wishing u all the best.

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Hi I am having my lap on Tuesday too. It is my 4th one but I am still nervous and scared. My previous 3 laps were only for diagnosis and tomorrow I am actually getting rid of endo and adhesion. So I am not sure how I feel afterwords. But I don't have other option to get better. Think about what you want to do when you recover. Take your mind off until tomorrow. I am watching TV and reading as much as I can today to relax.

Good luck for tomorrow. Hope you get better soon.


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Hi. I had my lap in April and was incredibly worried about...the cannula! Had sleepless, tearful nights over it, made worse by the fact I'd never been to hospital for surgery myself so was stepping into the unknown (Im not a control freak as such but like to know whats going to happen!).

In my experience, the staff were fantastic even before they knew I was petrified. Both the nurses and the anaesthetist spent time explaining and reassuring me beforehand which helped no end.

One young lady was hysterically crying and she was allowed to have her mum wait with her. Am not suggesting this will be your reaction in the waiting area but be assured that everyone gets nervous and the staff are prepared for that.

Hope it all goes well for you. Xx

Thank you for all your comments. I'm just in a flap with general anxiety and know deep down all your wise words!

I'm due to go to the admissions ward tomorrow but can anyone tell me what happens from there? All I know is I'll see the anesthetist and have a pregnancy test! Thanks x

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Yes, if you've never had an op before and been under anesthetic then this is all new to you. I've had a few ops and it really is like drifting off to sleep so nothing to worry about, and then when you come round you may ask when they're going to start like I did as you lose all sense of time. One thing I would suggest is that you opt for the IV anesthetic rather than the gas if they give you a choice, as the first is a much more pleasant sensation like floating whereas the gas is more of a gradual experience which I really didn't like (especially if you like to be control like I do too!)

Would also recommend buying some Windeze tablets which you can get from most chemists as they will also help with the excess air you'll have after the op (they really helped with mine). All the best and I'm sure, like the others say, you will feel a lot better endo-wise afterwards x

Thank you! I have some wind-eze tablets and colpermin which I have to use each month to help ease my endo anyway so have stocked up in those and have brought an extra wheaty bag to help with the pain.

That's good advice about the gas v IV thank you! X

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I have mine tomorrow too and it’s my 5th. I am still scared and have been feeling sick for the past week. I am a control freak and I can still remember how I felt before my first one 7 years ago, my doctor had had to put me on blood pressure tablets a few weeks before hand because my blood pressure was found to be through the roof at my pre op assessment. I had always had rather low blood pressure up to that point. I couldn’t understand how I could be so asleep that I wouldn’t know what they are doing. I spent the whole admission process doing my best not to cry, I suppose it doesn’t help that I have a phobia of needles.

Anyway everyone was really nice and helpful (I had managed to put the gown on back to front and had to change it around when I got down to the operating theatre- no experience of hospitals whatsoever). Because I had been trying my best to not cry as they put me to sleep as soon as I woke up I cried but there was a lovely lady sitting next to my bed ready to look after me.

You will be okay; I promise. Now I get really nervous and worried beforehand but I know by tomorrow I would have got it all out of my system and I will have my magic cream on any and every part of my body that I think they may stick a needle. I think that is mainly down to the fact that I know exactly what to expect and how it all works now- that really makes a huge difference.

Good luck I will be thinking of you Xxx

Thank you! I can completely relate to the control aspect which is the part that's rattling me the most I think as well as what they may find and treat and what that means for the future and a baby.

I'm ok with needles thankfully but will be so relieved and probably very tearful tomorrow afternoon! I'm going on my own to the op as I can't stand people around me when I'm poorly or really anxious!

Do you go to a ward before your op or just a waiting area so to speak?

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Good luck!! I have surgery aniexty as well. Have had 3 laps and my left ovary and falliopian tube removed due to a cyst tangled in endo. Take the sediative! There is no point fighting the worries on your own. You will be just fine! And whatever they find you will deal with! Stay positive and take the sedative.. I take something before I even leave to go to hosp now as I had an attack waiting for surgery.. not sure if you can get anything? Remember, your in professionals hands and they have done this a million times. You will be uncomfortable afterwards but walk as much as you can and remember it will pass!! Good luck!!

Unfortunately i dont hve anything like that to calm me down! Have got a busy afternoon ahead and planning a marathon box set session this evening to occupy myself!

Boss has just phoned from work one asking where i was (have today as annual leave but she didnt know!) and also asked me about something i was supposed to ages ago and i cant remember if i did or not! What a stress! Im still quite new so im now mithering about that! Bah!

Thanks. Im a terrible patient. Bf says its because i work in health care i can only do looking after and not be the looked after one!

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