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What happens at a pre op?

Hello I have luckily received a cancellation lap so am going for a pre op on Friday.

Can anyone advise what they will do? I think it's just within a generic pre op clinic so will it include examinations of any kind ie internal gyne type ones?? Am thinking not but not sure!

Have never been in hospital before so very nervous so any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks x

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Hello, I had my pre op today and you have nothing to be worried about. They asked me about any medical problems I have, and whether you have had any operations before. They checked my blood pressure. They also done an ECG on my chest, but that is due to the fact I have suffered palpitations before so not sure if you would need one of them. Then they done my height and weight and then done a swab up my nose and in my groin to check for mrsa.

Basically just to see if your fit and well for the op.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your op x


That's very reassuring thanks! I've only ever had a tiny op on my toe before so all new to me!


I was nervous before I went, but it's honestly not that bad and the nurse was lovely. Now just awaiting my appointment for my lap. Hope all goes well for you x


Yep, as Samin says they check wee, swabs for MRSA, height and weight and medical history.

It was a little different when I went to my pre op at the endo specialist centre. In addition to all those things they also did my bloods and gave me my enema and instructions for the morning of the op and fit me for my surgical stockings. I also had to have a GP consultation (there and then) for a general well being check and he listened to my chest sounds and what not. The day procedure pre op took about an hour but the one at the endo centre took about 3 hours as it involved seeing about 6 different people.

Good luck with your op! :) xx


Thank yOu for your reply. I feel much more at ease now knowing what to expect! Feel very lucky I have a cancellation slot for op so hopefully nothing pops up to delay it!

Not sure if I'm actually seeing the consultant when I have the pre op or I'll just see her day of the op. I have only seen her once to give a provisional diagnosis of endo and to put me on the waiting list. Is this normal?? I have limited info from her regarding the op and the diagnosis- I've learnt a lot from here!



All the answers about pre op are correct as to what to expect, very routine.

But be aware, the morning of my surgery I came up against two obstacles I wasn't expecting, which really should have been discussed with my consultant, and then at the pre op.

Firstly for religious reasons I don't have blood as I'm one of Jehovah's Witness, not once was I told that I would need blood, only on the morning of the op, so I had to discuss this with the supporting surgeon, just before I went into surgery, everything was ok, but be prepared for the unexpected, it seems that a blood transfusion is the normal procedure with this op. (I didn't have blood though, I had a non blood alternative).

Secondly the morning of the op, I was asked if I wanted the Mirena coil, I didn't actually know what this was, how it would benefit me, or why I should have it, all this was discussed just before the lap, really it should have been discussed with the consultant who organised the lap and was doing the op, but it wasn't, so just be prepared and if you have any questions at the pre op, then ask.

Lisa xx


Thanks that's really useful. Both of those issues aren't really an issue for me but it's useful to have an awareness x


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