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Help plz

Hi, im currently having an ongoiong battle with my consultant. Past ten years ive had very bad blood loss, been on iron tabs for most of that time. Im just out hosp after needing 3 units of blood given to me, ive been given lots diff tabs, had the coil put in, didnt work, had an injection to stop bleeding, nothings helped. I have had enough + I want the hysterectomy but there determined to try everything but. Nxt month ive to go for a thermal balloon ablation, has anyone else had this, any advice would be great.

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Use the search box on the green bar and type in MEA or microwave endometrial ablation. You can google the terms too. There have been several discussions about this in the past on the forum and there is quite bit of information available online.

It has been available privately in the UK for some time, but only in the past couple of years or so has it been available on the NHS. It is much better for you than having a hysterectomy and a lot quicker to get done too.


Yes I had this done last year. This reduced my bleeding dramatically. Unfortunately it does not help with any pain that you have before during and after your period. I am now on my second 6 month course of Zoladex and should be having a hysterectomy after the course.


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