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help! implant!

hi all,

been a while since i posted so here goes. generally i've been a lot better than i used to be - pain wise. ive been on the implant since august and the depo for over a year before then (which was after my lap) but the weight gain has been horrendous over 3 stone and heart breaking that i used to be a size 12 two years ago and now a 20. im 22 and this affects me terribly as im in and out of depression because of my weight. i have been on slimming world and now weight watchers and cant shift the weight i will do 1b one week put it on the next and so on! i have fibromyalgia also - so its so hard to exercise but i still do as im so desperate to loose the weight

i''ve been told by so many that its because of the implant but im terrified to take it out and i havent had a period in so long what if it is too painful to bear!? can i go onto the pill?

so scared of what to do please any comments are welcome

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i was under the impression that you couldnt have the implant for the treatment of endometriosis thats what i was told anyway but the pill cerazette will be good for you but if you over 100 kilos make sure they put you on 2 a day as it wont work with just the one i think that the endometriosis can put wait on or stop you from losing weight because when i am left untreated for any amount of time i either put on or stay the same at weight watchers and it has been that way quite a lot hope that you get on well and find something that suits you well make sure whatever it is you are comfortable with xx


really? see my doctors told me that my only treatment endo is to stop my periods and the implant or dep-provera are the best options. than you for the advice xxx


strange i was told that implant dont work on endo too by the gynae!! yes the cerazette is good too... and yes the depo-provera is the only option too...

hope it goes well for you


Well i wouldnt be surprised if you girls were right - have been told so much rubbish these past two years i wouldnt know where to start! thanks for all your advice really helping :)


Where are u from cos my doc put me on the implant to control the endo. I have also gained ove 3 stone. The implant didn't work so I was also put on norothistemine. This stopped my periods completely. However after about a year the tablet stopped working too. I have now ended up having a hysterectomy on Monday. Beeing only 29 its been a hard few days. I just hope now I can lose all the weight I've gained.

Talk to your doc bout norothistemine. It does work well most of the time. Take it easy hun XX


Sorry that's norothisterone not norothistemine. I always get it wrong lol XX


Hi ya. Thank you for getting back to me I'm sorry to hear you had the hysterectomy but I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm

From Bromley in Kent ? I will look into that thanks for the advice it's awful how much weight has been thrown on from this! How are you feeling ? Xx


I'm from northampton. So not same docs. The weight gain in awful. Made me feel awful. I am desperate to get back down to a healthy size.

I'm doing ok ta. Very emotional every now and then but I'm sure I'll get there soon.

Hope you can get the answers u need. It is a great drug but not suitable for everyone.

Take car hun XX


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