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Cyst drainage

Hi all, well been back for an ultrasound and my five chamber loculated cyst has become one large one... I haven't seen the consultant so I'm not sure how this happened, when I was in hospital in January they managed to drain two chambers of this thing, at the time they said I had five cysts, maybe to make the explanation easier? Wish they had explained properly and not treated me like an idiot, that aside, they only managed to access two parts of it, through my glutes!! They will not operate to remove it as it's too hazardous, I'm wondering if now they might be able to drain all of it? And if it will help, the thing is, the scan doctor said it was a typical endometrioma, full of clots and blood, they stuff they drained was the same and they agreed it was a chocolate cyst. The consultant then told me it tested negative for endo???

So what the heck is it? I'm on max targinact, gabapentin for nerve pain down leg sect, and ora morph now.

If it's just the cyst and it just a cyst, why all the pain??


Sorry for rant, just frustrated!!!

Steph x

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