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Cerazette side effects ?!? Help !

Ive been on various mini pills since last november for Endo with heameraging cysts , fibroids & PCO but none helped my symptoms n i constantly bled, started Cerazette 4 months ago n still bleeding for 10-14 days but now every other month. Feel constantly sick but im more worried about the size of my abdomen i look 6 months pregnant?!? What experiences has anyone else had with the mini pill ?

Will it ever work ?!?

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It doesn't for me the side effects out way the benefits!

Good luck. X


Thanx Yazza ! Yerrr its a constant balancing act of side effects against benefits !

Hope your getting sorted tho


Didn't agree with me either, for some reason the pill itself (the smell) used to make me feel really sick.


Owhhh god poor you !! Altho im a great believer in your body was telling you know for a reason !!!

Hope your getting sorted now !!!


You too xx


I have been taking it for just over a year now and had similar issues to you at first. Irregular bleeding, weight gain etc. I read elsewhere that you need to stick with it and I have to say that it's fine now. No periods at all (that took about 10 months to balance out), no pain, weight has dropped back to pre-Cerazette. One very positive effect is my hair is now longer than it's ever been and is stronger and healthier than ever. I'm naturally curly and had dry hair so this is a big plus for me.

I hope that helps. It did take a while to stop my periods completely but from the off it stopped the pain for me so it was worth sticking with for that alone.

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Arhhh thank you for reolying & reassurring me !!!

I suppose i suspected as much but needed the reassurance to carry on with it !

Glad about the hair lol

If mine grows any faster i,d hav to have it cut every 2 weeks lol


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